Published: 28/05/2016
ISBN: 9781785892011
eISBN: 9781785895531
Format: Paperback/eBook

"Love your book! Lovely twists and turns and red herrings that kept me guessing right to the last. I do hope there are others in the pipeline. A series perhaps? Summer and LB are such good characters I would love to see them again."
Alex Gray, author of the 'Detective William Lorimer' series. more

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Amanda Fleet is a physiologist by training and a writer at heart. She spent 18 years teaching science and medicine undergraduates at St Andrews University, but now uses her knowledge to work out how t... read more

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The Wrong Kind of Clouds
by Amanda Fleet

“Crippled, he watched his attacker glance around briskly; then he was heaved on to his shoulder like a sack of coal.”

In Amanda Fleet’s debut thriller, The Wrong Kind of Clouds, Patrick Forrester is in trouble. Deep trouble. Someone wants him dead. In fact, lots of people want him dead, but one of them has taken him hostage. As he’s being bundled away, he manages to call his ex-lover, Summer Morris, and begs her for help...

Summer Morris, an award-winning photographer with synaesthesia, hasn’t spoken to Patrick for months. With good reason. In fact, she would have been happy never to hear from him again. But, he begged her for help, so she’s trying to help. Along with an off-duty police officer, Detective Sergeant LB Stewart, she gets swept into Patrick’s world of lies and deceit, in a desperate race against time to find him alive.

Trying to unpick the knot of Patrick’s life takes them from an affair that could help bring down a government, to the dust and heat of Malawi, and a whole heap of trouble in between. If only they knew who wanted him dead, they might find him alive. The trouble is, almost everyone wants Patrick dead.

The Wrong Kind of Clouds will appeal to fans of adult thriller fiction. Amanda has been inspired by Dorothy L Sayers, Val McDermid and Karin Alvtegen.

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The Crime Warp




Full disclosure. The author is a digital friend. We met on twitter and regularly talk writing in the cloud.
The Wrong Kind of Clouds is a crime novel that rattles along. I read it in a day, which is pretty much the greatest compliment that I can pay a thriller. The characters have depth and are interesting - in fact, I hope to hear more of Summer and LB. The Police Detective became my new hero when he said,
"Yes. I really hate bad cooking. I would rather go hungry than eat something out of a packet."
'Atta boy LB!
It's a cracking book that I enjoyed from start to finish.

by Stuart Lennon


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