Published: 28/05/2016
ISBN: 9781785891946
eISBN: 9781785896682
Format: Paperback/eBook

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About the Author

Writer and archaeologist Jason Monaghan was born in Yorkshire before moving to the Channel Islands. His projects have included raising a Roman shipwreck and studying ancient pottery industries. Curre... read more

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Glint of Light on Broken Glass
by Jason Monaghan

Jason Monaghan’s historical novel Glint of Light on Broken Glass begins when sixteen year-old George is called up for the island of Guernsey’s militia, just before the Great War.

Guernsey is poor, backward and haunted by superstition, and when George attempts to step up, he is quickly rejected as lame. However, will anything change for him, when out of the chipped corner of his glasses, he sees a beautiful woman following him, which makes him believe that she can tell him his future…?

More than a story of the Great War, Glint of Light on Broken Glass explores a new relationship that George cannot escape. With the beautiful Edith by his side, things could be perfect, but she only has eyes for his tough, ambitious brother, Artie. As the world beyond the island is engulfed in turmoil, life for the three young people quickly becomes complicated.

George’s obsession with both Edith and the mysterious woman who predicts the future threatens to tear the family apart. Will tragedy or good fortune surface for his family?

Glint of Light on Broken Glass will appeal to those who enjoy historical, romantic fiction with a twist of the mysterious.

“This story is one of the very few that reflects the unique language and character of the island people, with a true sense of place. It weaves folklore and superstition, giving the novel an edge of magical realism”, comments Jason.

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Glint.. was launched at Guernsey Museum on 10 June. I am currently doing a series of interviews with local media.

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