Published: 28/06/2016
ISBN: 9781785891939
eISBN: 9781785896057
Format: Paperback/eBook

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I am a licensed Blue Badge and City of London guide and part time lecturer at the Cass Business school in London. I have spent four years working on this book. ... read more

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In the Name of the Crown
by Anthony Matthews

“In the name of the People and the House of Commons, it is charged that Charles Stuart, present King of England, did engage in a wicked design, to overthrow the rights and liberties of the people. He is a tyrant, traitor, murderer and an implacable enemy of the Commonwealth of England...”

In the Name of the Crown takes us on a journey through the 17th century. It begins with the trial and sealing of the death warrant of King Charles the first, and his subsequent execution. This triggers the abolition of the monarchy as the Puritan Republic takes over, but it is no match for the resistance it faces.

Britain has not seen the last of the Stuart line, however, as Charles the First’s exiled son, Charles the Second, is restored and begins the search for the regicides who sent his father to the scaffold. Two have fled to New England, to be joined by a third, whilst others will face the ultimate punishment.

King Charles the Second learns of a potential rebellion in the colonies: two Puritan generals will attempt to raise the colonial militias and declare independence from England. He orders Baron John Balasyse, a battle hardened royalist, to hunt them down. The baron is teamed up with a local man – a turncoat and unscrupulous slave dealer. He sees a new country taking shape, challenging the perceptions of the old – but who will triumph in this struggle? Can he fulfil the king’s orders?

In the Name of the Crown is set against the aftermath of the English Civil Wars and the building of the United States of America. It will appeal to those with an interest in British and American History.

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