Published: 28/09/2016
ISBN: 9781785891496
eISBN: 9781788030335
Format: Paperback/eBook

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About the Author

I am a married mother of two living in beautiful rural Perthshire. After working with young children for a number of years and now that my own children are grown up I am enjoying bringing Leona's dif... read more

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The Fairy in the Kettle
by Pauline Tait

“The little village in Bramble Glen was battered by one of the worst storms in its history but the fairies were blissfully unaware of what was going on outside.”

Perfect for pre-school and primary school children, The Fairy in the Kettle takes children on a magical journey to the heart of Bramble Glen, a beautiful fairy village, where protagonist, Leona and all her friends live. Leona knows she is very lucky, she has wonderful friends and family and lives in a beautiful old round cast-iron kettle, a place filled with adventurous fun. Leona fills her days with dancing, listening to music and decorating her kettle. However, how will Leona and friends cope on one particular wild and stormy evening when the fairy village turns into a nightmare...?

Leona and her fairy friends are blissfully unaware of the dangers outside as the wind and rain lashes against the windows. Is this just a usual storm or are all the villagers actually in grave danger? Leona and her friends will soon find out...

This book will appeal to pre-school and early primary school children. The book is lively with lots of engaging, colourful pictures.

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28th May 2017 – Benmore Botanical Gardens Annual Open Day (12 noon until 4pm)
I will be in Puck’s Hut located in the Walled Garden reading The Fairy In The Kettle throughout the afternoon. There is no admission charge and there are various activities taking place throughout the gardens including a plant sale, craft fair and music. There will of course be some Fairy colouring and my book will be available to purchase on the day. This will be a lovely afternoon in absolutely gorgeous surroundings.

1st Jul 2017 – Waterstones, Oban (2pm to 3pm)
This event will begin with me telling the story followed by Fairy colouring and assorted activities! Fairy fancy dress very welcome on the day. Click here for full details.

1st Aug 2017 – Comrie Fortnight Festival
Details to follow.

Perthshire Advertiser

Gorgeous illustrations and adorable story! Great as a gift for adults or children. Highly recommend this beautiful book about fairies. Hope there are other books using these same characters in the future!

by Producervan E (NetGalley - reviewer)

This is an absolutely delightful children's book that's strong across the board: vivid, whimsical illustrations, a lovely story, a great layout that is eye-catching both in words and pictures, and some nice underlying themes about being true to yourself and how there is value in many things. I can see this becoming a 'read again, again Daddy' favourite for my two-year-old.

Leona the fairy lives in a kettle in the forest. She loves her home - it's perfect for her - though the other fairies don't understand why she'd want to live in something that's so noisy when it rains. But Leona is undeterred, loving her life and her home, and as a storm hits her fellow fairies come to realise the value in being different.

Tait has created a wonderful wee story for little ones, that is fun to read aloud, and with a really magical sense of fun in the illustrations (quite a different style to many kids' books, but lovely). There are also some really nice and healthy themes bubbling away underneath.

Great stuff all around.

by Craig Sisterson (NetGalley)

Leona the fairy lives in a kettle in the fairy village of Bramble Glen. She loves her home and thinks it is the best one in the village. She loves the way it is decorated as well as the musical sounds the rain plays on it. The other fairies, disagree, they think it is far too noisy when it rains. When a storm hits the village, the fairies head to Leona's kettle for refuge and quickly change their tune.

This is a delightful children's book. The illustrations are large, vivid and colourful. They show that whimsical fairy world. I loved that there were both male and female fairies. The messages in the book range from helping your friends to being strong and true in your belief, it is okay to be different and like different things. This is a cute story to read aloud to young children, especially those who love fairies and magic. I can see this being read to Kindergarten children and talking about Leona and her friends liking different things but still being friends. A great addition to a family and class library.

by Carla Johnson-Hicks (NetGalley)

Bramble Glen is home to Leona and her fairy friends. Leona lives in a beautifully blue kettle and happily dances in her home to the pitter patter of rain drops. But, she is shielded from natures storms. One evening while the fairies were flying over Buttercup Brook, the rains came pouring down. Leona was safe in her kettle but the fairies outside were miserable. When she realized this, she offers them shelter in her home. This sweet read with vivid illustrations is about compassion and friendship.

by Lori Shriver


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