Published: 28/04/2016
ISBN: 9781785890635
Format: Paperback

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Born: 1953 Retired from schoolteaching in 2007. Have worked since as a teacher caseworker, and part-time guide in a Historic Scotland monument in Aberdeenshire. 2008 My first trip to USA to r... read more

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Alexander Gardner
Visionary Photographer of the American Civil War
by Keith Steiner

Celebrated by the author as the most significant photographer of the American Civil War, Alexander Gardner brought us face to face with the desperate carnage in a manner and style as never seen before. Through his work Alexander Gardner pioneered a verity in photography that brings the viewer immediately to the battlefield.

Gardner’s photographs of Abraham Lincoln are cherished for the powerful connection they make with the president. His artistry and vision manifest themselves in the portraits of Lincoln and those of the conspirators in the president’s assassination. Gardner was selected to make the official photographic record of the execution of some of those convicted of conspiracy in Lincoln’s assassination. In recent years Gardner has become increasingly recognised for his distinct and original engagement with the war.

In his penetrating new study Keith Steiner locates Gardner’s genius – within the narrative frame of his photography. Gardner’s ability and willingness to place his camera in close proximity to the arena of conflict promotes a style, which is the hallmark of many contemporary photographers.

Engaging Gardner’s character, photography, philosophy, and nature, Steiner studies not only the greatest photographer of the American Civil War, but one of the most profound photographers of the era. Alexander Gardner will appeal to those interested in photography, history, and, more importantly, the artist himself.

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14/1/14 Review of my book in the 'Banffshire Journal'.

18/1/14 Review of my book in the 'Paisley Daily Express'.

Further reviews will be appear in 'The Scots Magazine' and th 'Knock News' in February and March.

A representative of the Scottish 'South West News Service' has been in contact to collect details of my book for syndication in Scottish news media.

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