Published: 28/12/2016
ISBN: 9781784624033
Format: Paperback

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Robin’s Red Christmas
by Elsbeth Stewart Clark

Robin Redbreast of Redgrove Port,
More commonly known as Rob for short,
Had plumage so handsome, claws so tough;
What others would have given to be made of such stuff.
So proud was he of his red breast
(Of all the others, his was the best),
Bordered with blue-grey then brilliant white.
Yes, Rob of Redgrove was a breathtaking sight!

Rob has a grand residence overlooking the sea at Redgrove Port. He is always entertaining guests and hosting elaborate get-togethers – it is safe to say he has done very well for himself! He is a high flyer, a sucessful business-robin with his own designer range and has all the latest design technology. He is king of the robin airwaves but his head has been in the clouds for far too long. It is not that he is unkind – only that he has lost sight of the most important things in life.

Suddenly, he is brought back down to earth. The source of his success vanishes into thin air, the very air that he has dominated for so long. The search is on! His robin friends and staff flock to his assistance. No nest is left unturned but the source of his success has flown. His riches are not a peck of use to him any more. Christmas is fast approaching and it seems that time flies even when you are not having fun. Can the source of Rob’s success be found? Will Rob be in the skies before Christmas? Or will he remain firmly on the ground..?

Robin’s Red Christmas is a delightful festive tale that will appeal to children aged 7-10 years old.

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