Published: 28/05/2016
ISBN: 9781785890215
eISBN: 9781785897016
Format: Paperback/eBook

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Taking a Chance
Sprats To Catch Mackerels
by Lesley M Francis

“Trust her to die happy! Just lying there in bed – all tranquil – not a care in the world, smiling sweetly, too, like she‘s taking a refreshing nap. Listening to the heavenly choir no doubt! And another thing, that’s a real smile… Well anyway, it’s not the usual allure-free rictus she pins on – the one that’s about as soothing as a ‘Jolly Roger’ suddenly hoisted on the only lifeboat responding to your may-day call...”

Taking a Chance
traces the relationship between Imogen and her mother, Ada, culminating in Ada’s death when Imogen is fifty years old. Imogen’s reminiscences start with her discovery of Ada’s death, revealing her quirky coping philosophy as she does so. Incredibly intelligent but maybe ‘too nice’, a shock discovery will have devastating consequences for her good nature...

Ada, with a head chock-full of romantic illusions, needs to lose a husband in order to facilitate her dreams. Claiming that his death was a tragic accident, she is convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 5 years’ imprisonment. Only her son, Robin, is convinced that she is a murderer – Imogen vehemently disagrees, at least at the beginning. It is only much later, after fear on behalf of her sick mother has taken hold, that she realises her mistake.

On the night before Ada’s death, Ada confesses devastating new information that destroys their relationship and has the power to tear the whole family apart. In a shocked rage, Imogen fails to return her mother’s medication to the locked medicine cabinet as usual...

Taking a Chance is a gripping, sometimes humorous tale of a family in turmoil. Similar in style to Maeve Binchy, it will appeal to fans of stories with shocking twists and unexpected endings.

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