Published: 08/01/2016
eISBN: 9781784626495
Format: eBook

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Philip Runggaldier was born in 1963. Believing strongly there is some truth within many an ancient tale, he set out to discover that truth. The culmination of his efforts is Atlantis and the Biblical ... read more

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Atlantis and the Biblical Flood
The evidence at last?
by Philip Runggaldier

It happened. Around 14,700 years ago it happened.

The ice dam gave way. The ‘Lake of Floods’ was released. A massive wall of water 100 metres high and a colossal 85 kilometres wide slammed down upon the British and Irish Ice Age inhabitants below. At a stoke the whole of the Celtic Plain and most of Pembrokeshire, South Wales, the West Country and Southeast Ireland was laid bare.

The flood was so great that it struck the cliffs of Pembrokeshire and the West Country with the force of an atomic blast, causing earthquakes to ricochet across the land and throwing a spray of water an estimated 4 kilometres into the air, 3 times the height of Britain’s highest mountain.

In a day and a half everything was destroyed. 75% of the Western British and Irish Stone Age people were dead. It was the worst catastrophe to ever affect these countries, killing a greater percentage of the population than any other natural disaster.

It happened. Around 14,700 years ago it happened.

Here is the evidence of a flood of Biblical proportions and of a location upon the once dry Celtic Plain that significantly matches the description of Atlantis. Has the source of the Biblical Flood been found? Was Atlantis real? Is this the proof at last? You evaluate the evidence. You decide. The results will surprise you.

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