Published: 28/01/2016
ISBN: 9781785890031
eISBN: 9781785895777
Format: Paperback/eBook

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Diamonds for Rice
by Eric Evans

A unique memoir, written from Eric Evans' hospital bed, with two gripping stories running side by side. He had two bone marrow transplants from the same young donor, providing an astonishing medical story. As he clung to life in hospital, he recalled surviving the Orly Airport bombing and the bloody Liberian Civil War. He escaped the carnage in Africa by trading bags of rice for priceless diamonds. The book has international appeal, with more than 25 million people registered as potential bone marrow donors.

Anthony Nolan and DKMS, the global organisation, have contributed to Diamonds for Rice. Eric Evans is passionate about helping everyone who came to the rescue - and saved his life twice.

Anthony Nolan says:

'Every 20 minutes, someone in the UK finds out that they have blood cancer. For many, a bone marrow transplant could be their only chance of survival – but only if they can find a matching donor. Thanks to the incredible legacy of a little boy called Anthony Nolan, there is hope. Anthony had a rare blood disorder and would only survive with a bone marrow donation from a stranger.

Sadly, Anthony died before a matching donor could be found. But forty years on, thanks to his legacy, blood cancer charity Anthony Nolan is still going strong - and saving more lives than ever, by matching selfless people who are willing to donate their bone marrow.

We now help three people each day by finding that lifesaving match.'

Delete Blood Cancer UK say: ‘Launched in February 2013, Delete Blood Cancer UK is part of the DKMS (The Foundation for Donating Life) international network of charities that has already recruited over five million potential blood stem cell donors in Germany, Poland, Great Britain and the United States. This results in an average of thirty-four people donating their blood stem cells to patients in need each day. With many blood cancer patients in the UK not finding the lifesaving match they need, our key mission is to increase the pool of potential donors. The aim is to find a suitable donor for every person in need of a blood stem cell donation.’

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Anthony Nolan

Eric Evans biographical book is inspirational for anyone, but I found it particularly so as a patient at St Georges Hospital imminently due to undergo a stem cell transplant. I would recommend this book to anyone undergoing the procedure, and to everyone else as well. It is easy to read, and riveting, you will not want to put it down. I would love to know more than he described, written between the lines.

Eric's life has taken so many turns, with ups and downs in his personal and business life, opportunities well used by his talents, but his underlying philosphy seems that adversities bring the seeds of benefits if they are well used. Writing this book has highlighted the need for bone marrow donors worldwide, and Eric Evans has no doubt helped that cause greatly. He comes across as an exceptional person who I would like to meet, and surely whatever he chooses to do next in his life will be certainly successful. I hope he will write another book.

by C Lowe


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