Published: 28/11/2015
ISBN: 9780957574502
Format: Hardback

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A Nasty Business
by S.M. Barron

When Lucy and Max moved into their new home in the country, they had plenty of plans for the future, but not the plans the future had for them. They could not have foreseen that the opportunistic theft of some of their land would lead to a decade of gruelling entanglement in the civil justice system. Since it had taken them just a few months to accumulate plenty of evidence against the thieves, they comfortably assumed that the problem would be resolved and the stolen land returned once the evidence was revealed. But the thieves were lawyers and knew quite a bit about the justice system – and how to work it. Over the ensuing years, Lucy and Max learned first-hand just how nasty the law business can be – and how badly our inadequate civil-justice service can fail those it is supposed to protect. This book documents the techniques used by the thieves, the attempts Lucy and Max made to recover the stolen property and the challenges they faced to recover the costs involved. It gives a rare insight into the current civil-dispute market from the perspective of the consumer. It also provides important evidence for those who make and shape civil justice in the UK that, despite significant changes over the past decade or so, the system itself can still frustrate justice and fail to deliver the service we all want and need – and pay for. This book not only provides invaluable consumer advice and information: what to avoid, how to find help, how to save time and money, it also advocates radical solutions to our current dysfunctional ways of resolving disagreements between people.

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