Published: 28/11/2015
ISBN: 9781784624996
eISBN: 9781784626624
Format: Paperback/eBook

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About the Author

Business Author, Novelist and Business Coach Steve's background spans advertising, integrated marketing and copywriting. He is the author of 'Success before Start-Up' a pre start-up book. His nove... read more

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Transform Your Communication Skills
Speak Write Present with Confidence
by Steve Bridger

Invaluable advice to:
Overcome Public Speaking Nerves
Write Effectively
Present Professionally

Transform Your Communication Skills is a collaboration of 11 coaching professionals that will positively develop readers speaking, writing and presenting talents in their working and personal lives.

This book provides practical self-help advice on a conversational level for easy understanding. It spans the common elements of communication, of public speaking, of knowing how to prepare and deliver a presentation and how to dramatically improve personal writing skills. Transform Your Communication Skills is a comprehensive reference book written for everyday use. It is structured with modular chapters to allow readers to access information on a particular issue for the first time or as a handy reminder as they progress. The final reference section concentrates on punctuation points and includes an A-Z of useful terms.

The enduring benefits are for readers to learn how to manage nerves when speaking in public, create engaging presentations time after time and develop writing skills to produce effective results – to influence, to encourage, to prompt action.

By learning these skills readers willfast track their careers or improve their normal working lives, become more confident in their personal abilities and be better placed to fulfil their potential and achieve positive and long lasting change.

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Transform has been commmended in the 'Words for Wounded' writing competition. The competition supports members of our armed forces who are recoverng either physcially or mentally from the impact of their service experience.

Book stocks are expected on 20th November in advance of the launch date of 28th November.
A 7 Date library tour has been confirmed with Merton Libraries in London. The format will be a the presentation of excerpts from the book plus Q&A.

Steve has been invited to write a 1,000 word article for 'Changing Careers' Magazine.

The new website and video: is now live online.

As the book will be of immense help to people who are customer-focused in their working lives - for example employees of banks and building societies, Steve will be introducing the book to potential businesses over the coming weeks.

A hard copy of the Book Sampler Download will soon be available too. Go on to the website to download the book sampler PDF. Thank You.


5.0 out of 5 stars At first I was intigued. And then...
By Clive Cable on 4 January 2016 Format: Paperback
When a friend handed me a copy of Transform Your Communication Skills I thought “Who needs another book on speaking and writing?”
I was mildly intrigued by the cover and then I told her I’d read it later. Over the years I’ve come to realise writing is the number one skill in business and number two is speaking. So I picked up this book to see what was different about it. I’m glad I did.
The author enlists 11 experts to help him make this book special.
Most books tend to lose their way after the first few chapters. Not this one.
It’s clear with no fluff or jargon to contend with.
You don’t read this book cover to cover. You pick areas that you want to improve on and go from there.
In the chapter on speaking there are voice warm- up exercise that are extremely valuable. Especially if you’re planning on recording your talk. After all, you want your best sounding voice so you come across like the expert you are.

There’s chapters on overcoming shyness and building confidence. Most speakers (me included) get nervous right before a talk. That’s why I like this chapter. It helps overcome any fears or doubts that always creep into your mind.
In the writing section of this brilliant book are pointers on press releases. Proposals and reports. (My two most dreaded writing tasks now made easy.)

Then there’s sections on how to write a business plan. (Who doesn’t need that?) Of if you want a better job, then there’s a section on CV’s and resumes.
Because there are 11 other experts contributing this book never runs out of energy. Every topic is well explained.
If you wanted anything better than this, you’d have to attend an expensive seminar.
This is one resource that will help you for years.

5.0 out of 5 stars The Write Stuff
By julie mcsorley on 7 January 2016
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

Steve Bridger has mapped out an extensive and doable guide to making the most of one's own natural communication skills while improving areas of speaking and writing that need attention. The narrative is easy to navigate and well-written, with a contribution from a number of experienced business academics. Well-honed communication skills are an inherent requirement of many work-related enterprises, academic and commercial. This is an excellent resource book for a variety of writing genres, including reports, -business plans, proposals and resumes. The section on public speaking would be extremely useful for post-graduate students presenting research proposals, creative industry specialists, and other areas of industry where future funding will rely on pitching ideas in original, innovative, and coherent ways. A must read for anyone who wants to create more impact through their written and spoken word.

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