Published: 28/10/2015
ISBN: 9781784624514
eISBN: 9781784626389
Format: Paperback/eBook

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About the Author

Author Christopher Labinjo is an academic, screenwriter, teacher, and author who scripts daring and original narratives. His Living Doll series is an adult science fiction horror story that explores t... read more

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The Living Dolls – Origin
by Christopher Labinjo

Can Dreams Come True?

The UN Resolution of 2026 allows transhumanists to turn their dreams into reality, giving legal status and protection to mixed-species humans. Dr Louise Dalton, fresh from Oxford University, is head-hunted for a dream job at Icilda Biotech Company (IBC), enabling her to fulfil her ambition to eradicate disease by crossing human DNA with other species. Louise is overseen by Dr Karl Winwood, an ambitious eminent scientist, who harbours his own personal dream of pioneering new frontiers in science, desperate to overcome the technical barriers that hinder progress. Mixed-species humans are only the first phase of his plans...both united by a common vision.

Undergirding IBC’s business plan is the prophetic sight of Karthik Kothaka, a visionary whose higher wisdom is directing the course of IBC and the Light, a think tank who dreams of a scientific utopia, along the lines of Plato’s vision. Karthik’s seeing is under the guidance of a spiritual entity known as The Teacher, who directs his protégé on a hidden path, leading toward human perfection via evolution.

What Happens When Dreams Comes True?

The hidden cost of realising dreams will take everyone by surprise. For some dreamers, the path is set and cannot be altered; those who discover the truth will have to take drastic action – a change of direction, a revolutionary movement. Everyone’s beliefs will be challenged, their very foundation of existence.

Science, business, and vision entwined in a cord that is not easily broken. Where will it lead? Watch the adventure unfold; see through the eyes of the dreamers.

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This book is innovative and inspirational, sensational. It will blow minds, open them to new ideas, hopes and dreams. Go Chris Go! R, UK

I really loved the book. I read a lot of books, and I will tell you that this is unique. Very well done! A, USA

A clever, industrial-thriller meets sci-fi genre creating writing that becomes an epic horror. This is a genuinely foreboding work of fiction. K, UK

Wow! The book is full of excellence. It draws you in. Certain parts made me cry. The emotions on the page are overwhelming; the sinister is sinister and the pain is painful. You can feel it coming off the pages, the book is alive. You live the lives of the characters. M, UK

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