Published: 28/11/2015
ISBN: 9781784624019
Format: Paperback

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Enchanted Realms
by Valan Peters

Not just another fantasy, but a tale combined with historical fact that will leave you wondering…

Unlike other tales of fantasy, Enchanted Realms ties historical facts with fiction in an effort to suggest to readers that this tale of magic and mysticism could be true. The story weaves the tale of two men rewarded for their bravery after the Battle of Hastings. They are given land close to the Princedoms of Wales and, on their journey to their new lands, the men encounter a stranger who prophesised the births of each man’s child. He tells them that these children will be instructed in the secrets of magic and the ancient mysteries. Over the years all his foretelling comes to pass.

He gave his name for the first time. “I am known as Whitnecromancer the Great.
Remember this night and all the things I have told you for never again shall we meet.”

Inspired by authors such as Teilhard de Chardin, J. R. R. Tolkien, and J. K. Rowling, Enchanted Realms is a historical novel woven with visionary fantasy to create a unique read.

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Books Monthly

An interesting, very readable first novel based on known historical facts with magic and mysticism forming a coherent part of the story-intriguing and thought provoking.

by Paul Richfield

An unusual story of re-incarnation lived in the violent times of William the Conqueror and the crusades. A time when magical lore was known and practised and the layers between states of consciousness were finer than those of the present day.

by Isobel Fairfield

It was a tremendous read. The historical side was a lot to absorb and so very interesting.
The magical and mystical chapters were amazing. Such a fabulous book - when is the next one!

by Barbara Milster

An historical novel describing where two worlds meet – often collide. Full of colour and vigour. I do not know of any other books set in the 11c where the contrast between the earthly scene and the other world is so strong.

by Christine Andrews

An intriguing, channelled historical story with unusual mystical elements.
Set in the time of William the Conqueror, raising the issue of reincarnation and past lives.

by Anne Smith


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