Published: 23/03/2015
eISBN: 9781784629571
Format: eBook

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Jill Rutherford loves books. Reading them, writing them and browsing through them. Thousands of books later, Jill is writing her own. After years of normal life in England, doing normal things, Jil... read more

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Secret Samurai Book One:
Tangled Lives
by Jill Rutherford

Two women samurai . . . Two different centuries . . . A story of secrets, lies, love, war and ambition that has consequences for Japan itself

Modern Englishwoman, Bebe Bell, is working in Japan. Time-travel mixes her mind with male samurai, Kai Matsuda. Soon, she is living a double life – her own in modern Japan – and the other living as Kai, fighting in the civil war of the 1860’s which changed Japan forever. Yoshi is a young woman forced to disguise herself as a samurai in order to deliver an important message to the emperor’s court. Living as a man gives her influence and respect – things she has never experienced as a woman of her time. She becomes intoxicated with the power of it – which takes her life down undreamed of paths. Circumstances bring her into the world of Kai – and the attraction between them is immediate – but they are fighting on opposing sides and Yoshi can never disclose her true sex to anyone, especially Kai: but he has Bebe in his mind and events take an unexpected turn. In her own life, Bebe falls in love with Kenji Yoshida, a man who hides his true self under a cloak of conventionality and is afraid to find joy in his life. He has a secret that is destroying him and he cannot allow himself to love Bebe. When these four people’s lives intermingle, it changes their perceptions, ambitions and reality.

'Rutherford has established herself as a writer with great insight into Japanese culture and the power to deliver unique plots and marvellous characters.’ Savvy Tokyo

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Book Three of my Secret Samurai Trilogy is now published.

Featured as part of a round-up of '7 Must-Read Japan-Related books by Female Authors'...

A good read that flips between ancient and modern Japan - this is a time-travelling romance with unusual elements that surprise the reader. The narrative is split between the point of view of a modern English woman living in Japan and a samurai of ancient Japan. There is intrigue, excitement, a lusty dose of fighting and a mystery to be unravelled that will keep you hooked!

by Jacq Molloy


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