Published: 28/07/2015
ISBN: 9781784623272
eISBN: 9781784627805
Format: Paperback/eBook

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Claire's background is in writing, journalism and public relations. This is her first collection of poetry.... read more

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Walking with Angels
Poems to uplift and inspire
by Claire-Louise Price

'Claire-Louise's poetry book is on my bedside table to uplift and inspire me' – Bel Mooney, author and columnist

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Walking With Angels is a collection of poems written during a unique four-year journey taken by the author, in which she explores the concepts of love, loss, hope, gratitude, spirituality and courage, all featured in sharp relief. These emotions can be dulled by the routine of our everyday lives. Through her poems, Claire-Louise Price captures and celebrates the elusive, and often overlooked, qualities of human existence.
Extract from The Path of Life
It’s not how we end up and where
It’s what we did, and to whom, going there
It’s not that we all end up dead
It’s what we gave, how we smiled, what we said.
How should we measure success?
Not by money, nor status, nor dress
There’s no reason, or logic, or rhyme
Our lives affect others all the time...

A collection that seeks to uplift the reader, bringing inspiration and hope. Walking with Angels resonates not only with poetry lovers but with anyone who has experienced the joys and sorrows of life, love and loss, which is just about all of us. The poems’ appeal lies in their wit, their masterful use of understatement, and above all, the poignant contrast of the light hearted with the profound. A powerful combination of simplicity and depth engages us to think about living life to the full while we can.

Full colour images of four beautiful works by artist Paola Minekov illustrate Walking with Angels, adding to the gem-like quality of the collection – a book to hold in your hands, close to your heart.

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Many thanks to Kay White for a beautiful reading of one of my poems 'The Olive Tree' at her recent event. Afterwards, all 20 advance copies were sold, with extra donations raising £200 for Cancer Research UK.

Bath Chronicle







This is an inspiring collection of poems that powerfully illustrate the emotional journey that the author made during the final years of her husband's life. The poems contain moments of sadness, hope, perceptiveness, sheer joy at being together and wry humour. They left me with a strong sense of the author's loss but an even stronger sense of her love for her family and for life. They are beautifully written and demonstrate acute and sensitive powers of observation.

by Adele Sinclair

These short poems can be read and enjoyed by anyone. The author is warm and funny, showing with a lightness of touch how life is for living, whatever may be thrown at us. Sorrow lies behind many of the poignant subjects of the poems but this serves to clarify the joy to be found in unexpected places. Those who are bereaved, as is Claire, will identify with the poems, but there is something in them for everyone. I especially liked the poem that gave the book its title, as it hints at a bigger dimension to life than we can see with our eyes.

by Carolyn Scriven

Claire's strength and positivity shines through in her poems; she is an object lesson to us all to appreciate and make the most of the precious time we have.

by Celia Cotton

Simplicity and the power of Claire's words spring at you from every page. Masterfully understated and all the more engaging because if it.

by Kay White

This collection of poems encompasses the emotions, hopes and fears of someone dealing with the terminal prognosis and death of a loved one. There is enormous sadness but many of the poems are uplifting and beautiful. I particularly liked the Kingfisher and Walking with Angels. The poems are brave, uplifting and inspiring.

by Richard P Phillips

A recommended read for anyone who is following, or has followed, a similar journey. This brief set of poems will bring tears to your eyes, smiles and support for whatever the future brings. Well done Claire - Louise. I look forward to the next set.

by Pete

This collection is a joy - a glimpse of a life that is personal and poignant - but happy and wry too. Price says her aim is to inspire and uplift but equally the poems bring a smile and a tear. They capture a gamut of experience - as a mother, wife and widow - times that are joyous and times that are sad, as Price lives through the illness of her husband.

They span the pedestrian and humdrum to the spiritual: from the author's humorous observations on dreams of being a ballet dancer to her moving account of her husband's death. The Torch, the Kingfisher, Walking with Angels…all these will, as Price says, be an imprint "painted indelibly on the memory." Poems of life, for life.

by Frances Cahill

Claire's poems are brilliant. They are deeply personal, but they also inspired and encouraged me. Claire captures moods so successfully using few words. I love the way she focuses on the positive, making me smile and cry at the same time. My favourites are Walking with Angels, The Cruise and The Olympian.

by Stella Grant

Walking with Angels is one of the most beautiful poetry collections I have read. The poems really spoke to me as I pondered on different aspects of my life. The author seems an expert on writing just enough to understand the theme but leaves the reader with enough to bring out their own interpretation. This is very true with Maybe and how a thought dies or progresses from its original birth. I recommend this book for anyone wants to be inspired and touched by the power of words in a poetry form.

by Viv Marriott


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