Published: 30/04/2006
ISBN: 9780955243905
Format: Paperback

"A wonderfully presented book ... a joy to read>"
The Self Publishing Magazine

"This fascinating novel is brought into sharp focus in Alan Grimes's highly readable version"
Emeritus Professor John W. Fletcher

"Alan Grimes's translation makes it feel as fresh as if it had been published yesterday."
Dr terry Hale, former Director, British Centre for Literary Translation more

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Alan Grimes was educated at Latymer School in North London and later spent three years in the navy until 1946. He took a degree in Chemistry at University College London, a PhD in biochemistry at St.... read more

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Goupi Red Hands
by Pierre Véry (trans. Alan Grimes)

Goupi Red Hands is a bucolic loner, slow, shrewd, self-sufficient, and devoted to his existence in harmony with his rural llife. He despises his family's secretive, small-minded, mean lives in deepest 1930s agricultural France. When a family member arrives from Paris to marry a distant cousin, a family member is murdered. Goupi investigates, and uncovers the murderer in a dramatic denoument.

This is a Gallic romp, amusing, and filled with unusual detail on French country life.

Francophile Press

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... In the meantime, let us thank Alan Grimes for his well-crafted translation of the present work - clearly a labour of love.
Dr. Terry Hale, former Director, British Centre for Literary Translation

The original of this book was written in French in 1937 .... conjuring up a real feeling for a pastoral France full of colourful characters and a way of life rarely found these days .... The story is full of red herrings and unexpected twists and very entertaining. The translation of the original has been handled well with much thought and care to keep the story flowing .... and the book was a joy to read.
Review. The Self Publishing Magazine. Autumn/Winter 06/07

A sequel to Goupi Red Hands is also now available, called Goupi Red Hands in Paris. Goupi has left his beloved rural region of France to go to Paris and solve a family problem. His adventures in the bustling, and for him mad capital are hilarious.

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