Published: 28/09/2006
ISBN: 9781905237814
Format: Paperback

"should spur the book’s readers to want to study the subject to an even greater depth."
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Dr de Smith is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow and Teaching Fellow at University College London where he undertakes research, writing and lecturing in the field of data analysis and spatial informa... read more

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Maths for the Mystified
An exploration of the history of mathematics and its relationship to modern-day science & computing
by Dr Michael J. de Smith

Maths for the Mystified gives readers a brief but wide-ranging introduction to the history of mathematics, algebra, number theory, finite and infinite series, trigonometry, calculus, statistics and computational mathematics... all without recourse to higher mathematics.

Part I provides the foundations, explaining the origins of our numbers system and the notation used, and exploring topics such as the determination of times and distances. Part II takes things further, using computers as a tool, and Part III concludes with an exploration with details of a wide range of interesting numbers and number sequences.

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"From irrational numbers to fractional dimensions, from image processing to credit card security, Maths for the Mystified is a source of treasure that covers many of the most exciting topics in mathematics and shows how the power of mathematics is applied to today’s sophisticated world. Erudite, well researched and up-to-date, it is accessible to the mathematically-minded layman, ranging from delightful anecdotes to serious insights and applications.

Unlike many popular books on mathematics it does not side-step mathematical arguments and explanations, lucidly exploring and explaining them and including useful web links and references."
R Emanuel, Author of the Core Mathematics series of A-level texts

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