Published: 28/07/2015
ISBN: 9781784620943
Format: Paperback

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My professional background is in Information Technology – from building bits of the internet to software development and data centers. I also get deeply involved in sales, marketing, operations, pr... read more

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Changing The Mind of the Organization
Building Agile Teams
by Christopher Martlew

Changing The Mind of the Organization is an inspiring how-to guide for leaders of change, taking a modern look at organizational change and incorporating cutting-edge thinking on neuroscience and the role of the leader in change management. Author Chris Martlew uses over 20 years of leadership experience in the internet and ecommerce industry to inform the book, focusing on a number of areas that will help leaders develop and grow, including:

Seven perspectives on human development and change.
A model of how we think.
How we change our minds.
Four styles of change leadership including a self assessment.
The essential characteristics of agile teams.
The five spiral dynamics of successful change.
The eight Fs of agile organizations.

Changing The Mind of the Organization is an innovative book and an essential read for any business leader.

Reviews for Changing the Mind of the Organization:

"Chris Martlew offers delightful insights into the need for change, the nature of change, and the effects of change."
Jurgen Appelo, author of Management 3.0 and CEO of Happy Melly

"Pacey, challenging and concise, serving an eclectic mix of neuroscience, applied psychology and business leadership."
Dr. Henk Riesmeijer, Emeritus Psychologist and Founder of SPA Consult

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"With his new book Chris Martlew offers delightful insights into the need for change, the nature of change, and the effects of change. For anyone who tries to lead an agile organization into an uncertain and dynamic future, the topics covered by this book are required reading.”
Jurgen Appelo, Author of Management 3.0 and CEO of Happy Melly

“Pacey, challenging and concise. This book serves an eclectic mix of neuroscience, applied psychology and business leadership, written by someone who has ‘been there, seen it and done it’. Read and apply.”

Dr. Henk Riesmeijer, Emeritus Psychologist and Founder of SPA Consult
“Changing the Mind of the Organization is an inspiring book that provides practical help to managers in a change process. A fascinating combination of different approaches to achieving change in organizations, with insights and tips on motivating the individuals in the process. Occasionally confronting and challenging for the reader him/herself. Often creating a smile of recognition or even laughter with the humorous examples, remarks and quotes.”
Inge Poorthuis MSc., Cognitive Neuropsychologist and Founder at PoorthuisAdvies
“This book is an insightful, pithy and readable complement to the more academic literature on the subject of change management. I am struck by the echoes throughout of Bill Deming. Eighty years on but we still need prompts like this to get us thinking clearly.”
Graham Walker, Senior Lecturer, Department of Management,
Kingston Business School

"Changing the Mind of the Organization is a creative and practical guide to agile working with teams in the digital age. It describes the way our 'minds' work at the individual, team and organization level, putting in 'just enough process to get by' to support flexible, fast delivery to the customer.
Chris brings a human touch to change management, getting away from the 'management speak' of some textbooks. His deep experience provides a solid foundation to the practical advice within these pages - a 'Dungeon Master's Guide' for adopting effective agile working across multidisciplinary teams."
Derek Glen, Director, Iorsa Ltd.

“In this new book Chris Martlew tickles and challenges our (old) perceptions of change by playfully combining insights from fast moving social developments, human (neurological) evolution and daredevil management insights. Thus creating a refreshing and necessary perspective for leaders to help them recognize and meet the challenges and responsibilities they face in our new era of global leadership awareness.”

Erik Dirven, Author and Managing Partner at

"Chris brings impressive wisdom and simplicity to the complex task of business leadership. The book is captivating and the concepts it presents can certainly be applied to real-world leadership challenges. Brilliant!”
Itzik Amiel, Bestselling author of Attention Switch, Founder of Power Networking Academy, Founder & CEO, EyeRon Group

“A very enjoyable read. Chris Martlew offers a thorough intellectual analysis of the process of change and its impact on an organization. For anyone contemplating change, or in the process of change, this book is a must. Chris writes in a style that invites the reader in. This easy style coupled with some great ideas and conclusions make this book a breath of fresh air. Will certainly be keeping a copy close.”

John McKee, Legendary Software Engineering Quality Assurance Manager

“An enjoyable and stimulating read. The text presents a refreshing view of change leadership and provides a smooth blend of philosophy, psychology, distilled wisdom, and modern spirituality. The text is conversational in style, free flowing from situations to ideas and ideas to idea-reinforcing anecdotes. It’s powerful, direct and thought provoking. There are clear and actionable take-aways which make any management read worthwhile.”

Vikas Verma, Emerging Technologies Consultant

“With his new book Chris Martlew connects neuroscience and psychology with leadership and change. Reading the book provides a flow of recognition and insight into people’s individual and collective behaviour in organizations. Thoroughly recommended for all who are directly or indirectly involved with leading organizational change.”

Erik Veer, Enterprise Architect and Founder of InnoVeer

“Chris Martlew is without doubt a real talent in this field.”

Robert Benninga, Author and Founder of Mindpower International

“Chris Martlew really gets to grips with this subject. Thought provoking and useful. Read it. Do it. Change the world.”
Paul Walker, Entrepreneur

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