Published: 05/08/2014
eISBN: 9781784627331
Format: eBook

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Deborah studied drama at Manchester University, got a 1st and now works in TV & Film. She learned to read at the young age of 3 to Edward Lear’s The Quangle Wangle's Hat and has loved the fantastical ... read more

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Hokey Pokey Pig & The Pogs
by Deborah Elias

Hokey Pokey Pig is back and this time he’s going on an adventure to see the Pogs, shy little green creatures that are the guardians of the forest. Join Neve and Hokey as they enter The Forest So Deep. Will they find out where the Secret Money Trees are hidden, where all the baby bees are and what the Tooth Fairy is doing with all the teeth she collects?

Hokey Pokey Pig & The Pogs is a funny, bouncy story to make your children giggle. Give your child a head start in their literacy as the rhyme helps children progress with their reading – it’s never to early to start. Let this Pog-tastic rhyming picture book, with beautiful original illustrations by the author, fire your child’s imagination, be the start of their reading adventure and inspire them for the future.

So, settle down, are you sitting comfortably? Then lets begin!

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Another really lovely edition to add to the Hokey Pokey collection. The illustrations are very charming and colourful as before and the verse clever and inspiring. My boys absolutely love these books, I can't recommend them highly enough.

by manuelkiddie

Hokey Pokey Pig & The Pogs, the second installment of the Hokey Pokey Pig series from author Deborah Elias, is a wonderfully rhymed bedtime treat. Neve and her best friend, Hokey Pokey Pig, embark on a journey that captures the minds of young readers and provides an answer for "What in the world does the Tooth Fairy do with my teeth?" She sells them of course!

Deep in the forest live little troll like beings known as Pogs. There the Pogs grow money on trees in order to buy teeth from the Tooth Fairy and turn them into stars that "light up the sky." The story is filled with the characters' delight as they jump and they dance, partake in tea and tarts, and party in the dark with the Pogs and the baby bees they care for.

The vibrant illustrations convey the jubilance on the turn of every page. Every read of the book becomes more enchanting as the musicality of the rhymes combined with the dance of the images begin to form song. The land of the Pogs is a place we would all like to visit, and children everywhere will enjoy reading this charming tale over and over again.

by Sherry Rollins


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