Published: 28/01/2015
ISBN: 9781784620769
eISBN: 9781784627386
Format: Paperback/eBook

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I was born, raised and still live in Staffordshire. I started writing in earnest when I was 12 and haven't stopped since! I travel a lot now and this gives me plenty of opportunity to people watch a... read more

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Meddling mother Madge + dutiful daughter Alice =
by Liz Vincent

Once again, her mother has managed to ruin things and make her feel guilty. Will Alice ever be free?

Madge, from a Dorset farming background, fancies herself as a lady, so she marries Geoff – meek, malleable and minted. All she needs now is a son, but when a daughter turns up instead, Madge is incensed.

Alice grows up amid her mother’s clumsy attempts at social climbing, being largely ignored. In her teens, she meets Joe – who becomes the love of her life. Having decided he’s not good enough for her daughter, Madge plots to break them up. When Alice receives a letter from “Joe”, ending their relationship, she is devastated. Malicious Madge. Discovering that Madge has kept big secrets from her, specifically grandparents she never knew existed, Alice secretly visits them – only to find out that her father, Geoff, has died unexpectedly of a heart attack. Anger burns once more as Alice tries to escape the control of her mother.

A story spanning six decades, the author has taken inspiration from any daughter that has never, or does not, get along with her mother. Meddling mother Madge + dutiful daughter Alice = Malice will appeal to those who enjoys reading about families and the troublesome relationships that can ensue.

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Meddling Mother Madge + Dutiful Daughter Alice = Malice

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