Published: 28/10/2014
ISBN: 9781783065868
eISBN: 9781784626884
Format: Paperback/eBook

'Ian Simpson is a real find'
Alexander McCall Smith more

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Since retiring from a law career which included sitting as a judge in High Court murder trials, Ian Simpson has been writing crime fiction. In 2008 one of his books was shortlisted for the Debut Dagge... read more

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Murder on the Second Tee
by Ian Simpson

The first blow took Hugh Parsley by surprise. It fractured his right temporal bone and tore the middle meningeal artery. He stumbled and fell face down on the grass. A blow to the back of his neck cracked the occipital bone at the base of his skull. He was struck several times about the left temporal area. His brain ceased to function. Hugh Parsley was dead.

Murder on the Second Tee is the follow-up to the popular crime fiction novel Murder on Page One.

The directors of the niche Bucephalus Bank are meeting in a St Andrews hotel. One of them is found dead on the golf course. It is Flick Fortune’s first case as a detective inspector. As she struggles to uncover the murderer behind the bank’s respectable façade, she receives unexpected help from Detective Sergeant Bagawath Chandavarkar (Baggo), who is investigating a multi-million pound money laundering scam.

Another murder follows and Flick’s old boss and tormentor, ex-Inspector No, makes an unwelcome intrusion before the truth is revealed...

Ian Simpson is inspired by a number of authors, including PG Wodehouse, John Mortimer and William Boyd. His writing style is comparable to Christopher Brookmyre. Murder on the Second Tee is a pacey whodunit, laced with the humour that drew glowing reviews for Ian’s first novel, Murder on Page One.

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This is an excellent holiday read. VERY funny in places & topical, it keeps one guessing. Very interesting about banking practices.The author has developed the central characters showing us Flic's vulnerability & Baggo's ambition. Inspector No is as impossible as ever & hilariously vulgar.

by Avid Reader

I read Ian Simpson's first book and thoroughly enjoyed it. This one was even better! When is number 3 being published? I look forward to it!

by Toot

4 out of 5 stars

Interesting characters. I enjoyed this mystery

by Amanda Ray

A good cosy mystery with a golf theme.

by Joan Van Norman

3 out of 5 stars

A perfect tonic to some of the darker thrillers

by Madhura Pradhan

In her first case as Detective Inspector, Flick Fortune is called in to investigate the death of a banker bludgeoned to death by a golf club on the Old Course at St Andrews. The deceased was one of the directors of the exclusive Bucephalus Bank, who have convened at the hotel to discuss the bank’s future. Being English and female, Flick already knows she’s got a lot to prove to the Fife Police, and now she finds herself up against arrogant financiers, one of whom is most likely a murderer. Complications multiply when it turns out that there are two clandestine investigations into the bank under way at the hotel – both involving ex-colleagues of Flick’s, and one in danger of misdirecting the police entirely. With more than a slight element of farce to it, Murder On The Second Tee plays the detective elements fairly straight, not taking itself too seriously, but serving up an engrossing mystery all the same.

by The Herald


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