Published: 28/09/2014
ISBN: 9781783065462
Format: Paperback

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The Disciple
by Ken Holmes

The Big Guy in Heaven is pissed off with the endemic greed, corruption and dishonesty in the world and his representatives on earth are doing little to stop it – in fact, they’re just as bad. He decides a radical new Disciple is needed, and summons his archangels to come up with the right candidate. Archangel Voice (or Voicie), spaced out on moon juice, selects Jimmy Downie.

Jimmy – hardworking, drinks a few pints when funds allow, and plays footie on Saturday, his only religion Liverpool FC – takes his family to Corfu on their first holiday. The family arrives at the airport – and the hustle and bustle of the Departures hall suddenly stops. It as if someone has pressed the pause button, freezing everyone in time – except Jimmy. Through the silence, a voice announces, not the next flight, but Jimmy’s mission – he is the Disciple.

“The world is rife with greed and corruption, and the priests and vicars are doing precious little to stop it. In a nutshell, the Big Guy called all the Archangels together – big meeting sort of thing. Anyway, in another nutshell, he told us to come up with the radical alternative disciple sort of thing. And, er… anyway, I suggested you. You’re the chosen one.”

Then click, normal service resumes. A stunned Jimmy tries to question what just happened, but nobody else is aware of what has just happened, or how massively Jimmy’s life has just changed. Jimmy now embarks on a heart-searching journey as he tries to come to terms with his enormous responsibility… and his apparent ability to perform miracles. His only guide through the resulting chaos is the oddball archangel Voicie. What ensues is a hilarious (and often irreverent) novel, described by author Ken as ‘The Bible... with jokes.”

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"A free-flowing description of the adventures of a never-say-die Liverpool lad interposed with his philosophy of life. Extremely readable, it comes with colourful and humorous descriptions of his exploits in a seemingly insurmountable attempt to establish Kiasu as the world standard for picture frame easels." - Gary Lim, Marketing Consultant, Singapore.

Wrexham Leader

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