Published: 28/09/2014
ISBN: 9781783065301
Format: Paperback

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Biographical Notes I grew up in a Suffolk village during the 1960s, where the summer holidays and fine weekends were spent out in the countryside. As children, our imaginative games took us across ... read more

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Hubert and the Moon
by Catherine Knight

The year is 1212 and it has been a terrible summer: cold, wet and miserable. Why is it always raining? What has happened to the sun?

is a small hare who doesn’t know very much, and certainly doesn’t know the answers to such difficult questions. One night Hubert has a strange meeting with the moon; she comes down from the sky and asks Hubert to help her to make the sun shine and save the farms and meadows from storms and floods.

This is the beginning of a long adventure for Hubert and his friends, Petronella and Benedict. They embark on their journey across the rain-soaked countryside of medieval England to find the sun. Surprisingly, lots of other people are travelling around too. Eustace the Monk is a pirate who travels back and forth across the Channel, helping himself to treasure and stolen goods. A strange musician can be seen and heard wandering through the lanes, according to some itinerant rats, followed by lots of children. There are merchants, crusading knights on horseback, dogs, cats, camels and crocodiles. Even when Hubert and his friends think that they are all alone, they are not...

Their quest to find the sun ends inside a secret chamber within the largest pyramid in Egypt where they see an extraordinary show from the ancient world. Finally, after all their exciting adventures, Hubert and his friends make yet another discovery – which is how good it is to be home again.

Hubert and the Moon is a delightful children’s fantasy tale aimed at readers aged 7-9. The book, which ends with interesting facts about the real 13th century people and places that provide the background for Hubert’s adventure, also contains educational elements. It is beautifully illustrated throughout, in both colour and black & white.

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A very enjoyable read that took me right back to my childhood fairy tale books where I was looking forward to the big colour illustrations that were hidden here and there in the book and highlighted so well some parts of the story !

by Barbara

this is a truly delightful book, and one which can be enjoyed by all ages, if only for the captivating illustrations. the tale of Hubert and his new found friends is so artfully woven with a magical mix of warmth, loyal friends, excitement , and the author does not shy away from the darker side of life, all of which kept me page turning well into the night and thus moonlight.

by vicky tropman

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this delightful story - it was atmospheric and totally enchanting. Hubert's adventures take him to some extraordinary locations and for a young reader the book is both entertaining and educational. Hubert is a delightful character and I finished this book wanting to hear more about him. The illustrations are just superb - the attention to detail is amazing. It is a feast for the eye as well as being a fantastic read.

by Lindsay Lloyd

I liked the book it was a good read
The happiest part was when Hubert got the Moonstones from the moon and the part when they met the Egyptian cat was lovely when Petronella looked up and saw the three cats
the saddest part was when a trap fell on Benedicts foot
I liked when Hubert delivered the moonstones to the Egyptian Eagle
In the end Hubert met his Mother and was happy
The pictures are fantastic and it is a book I would recommend to an 8 year old

by Jessica


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