Published: 28/07/2014
ISBN: 9781783064816
Format: Paperback

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I have a passion for the natural world, wildlife and the night sky I love being outside and getting lost with nothing but a railcard.I love music and films that invoke deep sensation and personal mean... read more

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The Departure of Solitude
by Tony Webb

This book may appear plain on the outside, but it is full of drama and emotion –
captured in the most basic human form.

The Departure of Solitude gives a voice to the stories of ordinary people, when voices failed them. Touching on the entire spectrum of human emotion, Tony Webb’s writing covers a lifetime of love, loss, hopes and dreams in a collection of poetry, fictional and real life stories.

Is it really possible to see and feel so much –
to be tested to the point where life is all but a fruitless memory, empty and void of all hope..?

The tales in The Departure of Solitude allow the reader to escape, seeing the world through the eyes of another. For a moment, we are able to experience what it is like when life takes twists and turns that we don’t see coming.

...And still be able to say 'I lived', 'I loved', 'I lost and survived',
but most importantly 'I can still smile'.

Every story within this book is drawn from the life experience and memories of Tony Webb. Written with an underlying theme of hope, The Departure of Solitude will appeal to those who are interested in the lives of others.

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What's my view on my book? I think it's an easy read; there isn't a million and one names and places to remember. Each story and poem is short and, I hope, powerful to the reader. I hope people can relate to some of the stories contained within it. There are highs and lows in the book, as with any book that deals with human emotions. It's heart wrenching at times, dark but also heart-warming and compassionate and I feel that is captured perfectly with the front cover.


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Brilliant book. I would recommend to everyone. i guarantee there is at least one verse in the book everyone can relate to. love the verse written for me, tony webb is truly a talented writer and friend, it is such a privillage for me to know such a caring person i hope there is many more to follow. Couldnt reccomend it enough.

by carley jackson

I love this book.and so proud to say the author who i know is a truely talented guy. I couldn't put the book down. It's so beautifully written and touched my heart on some of the stories and poems.i would recommend this book to anyone who wants a good read.

by dee clay

Excellent book that I can't recommend highly enough. It's both thought provoking and emotional. Can honestly say I haven't read anything so powerful in a long time. The story written for me reduced me to tears as it was captured so beautifully. Can confidently say that every piece is written from the heart and I'm privileged to have the author as a friend. Definitely a book that has something in it to appeal to and touch anyone.

by Mhairi Goodwin

Awesome book, from the moment I started reading..I was hooked the stories are so touching and inspirational. Tony has a style of writing that speaks to your soul, you will laugh, you will cry, you will relate to the stories. Thank you Tony, its a honor to call you friend. I recommend this book to everyone.

by Anna

This book is so beautifully written, I don't read or enjoy reading, but this is the first book that has actually helped me connect to the words written, one of the stories in particular was epiphany inducing, honestly from someone who doesn't enjoy reading this book was incredible a truly beautiful book, thank you tony, you have opened my eyes!

by William Ford


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