Published: 01/12/2013
ISBN: 9781783063093
eISBN: 9781783066940
Format: Paperback/eBook

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David Tolfree MSc., F.Inst.P., CPhys., F.IoN. was the co-founder and Executive Director of Technopreneur Ltd, a consultancy company for the exploitation of micro-nanotechnology, established at Daresb... read more

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Acts of Retribution
by David Tolfree

Another Paul Cane thriller with surprises in every chapter.

In this story, which is a sequel to The Millennium Conspiracy, Paul Cane is one of only a few survivors from a plane that is blown up by a terrorist bomb over the River Thames. Al-Qaeda is suspected of being responsible but intelligence reports received by the CIA and MI6 after the event indicate that a Russian terrorist group could be to blame. After recovering from his injuries, Paul Cane vows retribution for the death of his wife and the other aircraft passengers. The covert search by MI6 and the US Counter Terrorist Unit for those responsible uncovers a web of criminal and political conspiracy which lead to murder and further acts of terrorism. It also reveals an al-Qaeda plan which eventually results in devastating attacks on US buildings that will have far-reaching consequences.

Who is really behind the London plane bomb?
Why does the Head of MI6 take a personal interest in the search?
Why has the FBI not arrested suspected al-Qaeda terrorists?
What secrets do the US President and British Prime Minister share?

Retribution, murder, intrigue, assassination and political conspiracy, all underpin this new exciting page-turning thriller that takes the reader up to and just beyond the destruction of the World Trade Centre in New York on 11 September 2001.

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Doctors David Tolfree and Alan Smith have put together a book on road mapping that is truly exceptional. They provide a reflective practitioner a set of ten chapters that truly discuss the road mapping phenomenon that has seem to rake off over the last 20 years as people seek to decrease technology risk in the firms, their economic regions and their industries. The book is well written and concise and provides the readers with many methods and examples of how to proceed. I urge any road mapping professional to obtain one.

Steve Walsh
Black professor of Entrepreneurship University of New Mexico
Past President MANCEF
Co-editor of the Fist Micro and Nano technology international roadmaps

Editorial Stand

David Tolfree picks up from his first book "The Millennium Conspiracy" and hurtles us down the runway to September 11, 2001.

Paul Cane's life took on new meaning when he married the beautiful Valerie but now she is gone and he is the physical and emotional shattered remnant.

Paul Cane's life, the central character of "Millennium", took on new meaning when he married the beautiful Valerie, but in an unthinkable terrorist act she has been killed and amazingly Paul survives - his body shattered, with his mind a close second when Valerie's fate hits home. Paul agonizes over the horrific death of his wife and the burden he now carries knowing that he should have paid more attention to her premonition over their flight to the UK.
Now all he has left is one driving purpose. The stage is set for "Acts of Retribution".

A new team is formed on both sides of the Atlantic introducing us to unique characters in their own right that take us on an exciting ride through the many twists, the intrigue and the deadly action.

"Acts of Retribution", as with "The Millennium Conspiracy", is equally well researched with reality underpinning the book. The events could just as easily have happened. David's attention to technical and geopolitical detail is excellent.

Not only is it a great story but it is enlightening and entertaining.
In the pursuit of 'justice', "Acts of Retribution" is relentless and utterly ruthless.

David has once again created a book that is impossible to put down.
It is very easy to get caught up in the interplay between the characters and the unwinding plot that lures us from page to page.

by Thomas Morton (Amazon)

Acts of Retribution is sequel to David Tolfree's first novel `The Millennium Conspiracy', which takes the reader on another journey of suspense, intrigue, mystery, murder and political conspiracy. The story set in 2001 takes some of main characters from the first book into a series of events that ring true in today's world of terrorist atrocities, secret intelligence and political deception. It concludes with the terrorist attack by al-Qaeda on the Twin Towers in New York on 11 September. He cleverly weaves some of his characters into that world-changing event.
In a descriptive opening chapter Paul Cane is the only survivor from the horrendous destruction of a BA plane by a terrorist bomb over the River Thames which reminded me of the Lockerbie plane disaster. His life is changed forever after the death of his beloved wife and all the other passengers on the plane. He vows to seek retribution for the loss of the love of his life. In that quest he once again comes into contact with an old enemy and becomes inadvertently locked into the US Counter Terrorist Unit and MI6 agents who are pursuing the terrorists.

The story which moves between London, Washington and New York is full of plots and sub plots related to the backgrounds and activities of the various characters. Every chapter brings surprises with a twist in the final chapter. The book is easy to read and gives a clear vision of each action, almost like a film script, so engages the reader throughout. The author has done his research making the story as good as any Ian Fleming, Frederick Forsyth or Tom Clancy book.

The list of characters in the front of the book is particularly useful since Arab and Russian names are used in text.

I thoroughly recommend this book to anybody who likes the genre and look forward to the next one. The author obviously intends to write another book that leads into the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq post 2001.

by Richard Leach

I've just finished reading Acts of Retribution, having first met Paul Cane on his first outing in the Millennium Conspiracy. Although I needed to refresh my memory about some of the things that happened in the first book, I found myself thoroughly absorbed in all the machinations of the secret services of Britain, The United States and Russia together with the additional workings of al-Qaeda.

by Alan Leeke

My wife and I really enjoyed this sequel to The Millennium Conspiracy. It is an excellent story which picks up were the previous one ended. It is well thought out and leaves one wondering how close it is to the truth. Here's hoping there is a third one on the series.

by Alan Smith


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