Published: 01/12/2013
ISBN: 9781783063062
eISBN: 9781784628529
Format: Paperback/eBook

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Having been a nurse for more than 20 years, and also a teacher of English as a Foreign Language, I decided it was a great time for a career break when my two sons flew the family nest. My husband ins... read more

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Jousting is Not a Game
The New Legend of Guinevere
by Michele Wardall

Medieval Britain: King Arthur is on the throne supported by his Knights of the Round Table. These are times of bloody wars, of invasion and killing, and the pursuit of glory on the battlefield.

Peaceful interludes allow for other endeavours and many will go in search of the Holy Grail. When Guinevere is offered a pivotal role in the ‘glorious quest’, she does not hesitate to embark upon an adventure she has been waiting for all her life.

But in Camelot she learns about seduction and betrayal and, though befriended by King Arthur and welcomed at court, she finds she is not adept at the games played there. Then she discovers that even her close companions, Blanchefleur and Iseult, have their secrets....

Will Guinevere be able to protect those closest to her when they need her most? Can she win her father’s approval without losing the trust of the king? Is the price of the Grail, even with its promise for the future of Britain, too high to pay?

As Guinevere proceeds with the enthusiasm and naivety of youth, the consequences of her choices become apparent and she discovers a darker side to chivalry which pushes her towards the ultimate sacrifice.

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JOUSTING IS NOT A GAME was longlisted in the Cinnamon Press Novel Writing Award.

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“Wow, I absolutely loved this book. Guinevere appeared to be a naive but wise, a real charismatic character who leads you on a roller-coaster of a ride. She shares her life, her emotions, friends and enemies, taking you on a journey you just can't put down. It was lovely to see the tales of Knights, Merlin, Arthur, love, hate, religion and magic seen in a different perspective through different eyes. The characters came alive and you could identify with them, love them or hate them. This, to me, was one of those really well written books where the story grips you so that you can't put it down, but where you feel a sense of disappointed when it ends. There were twists and surprises and I even admit that it invoked tears at one point – a sign of real involvement with the characters. I would love to read another book from Michele Wardall.”

“Let me count the ways was probably written long before any of us were born. That is exactly the way this writer will weave into your mind. The story is fresh, and heart-warming all rolled up into one. Once you begin on this journey you won't want to stop at the weigh stations. You will continue on enjoying his very colorful descriptive way of putting you right in the story with his characters. For those of us that love a good story and well written. You need go no further. I highly recommend this wonderful stream of words. I normally would say, grab yourself a copy. In this instance scroll up and hit the buy button. You won't be sorry.” (USA)

“Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, well done on a different angle of Arthur and the round table, will certainly be looking out for Michele's next book.”

“I really loved the Guinevere of `The New Legend Series' she is strong, capable and knows her own mind. In this book you are introduced to all the main characters, with Wardall capturing your imagination and taking you on a journey to the middle ages, she really brings the characters to life, you can almost smell the open fires. I can't wait for the next instalment.”

“Once I started I found it difficult to put this book down. Told from a womans point of view, not something you find very often when the book is set in the time of Kind Arthur. Although you will know the basic history around Guinevere & Arthur, Michelle has painted a wonderful picture of the time. I believe this is her first published novel, I really look forward to reading the next on too”

“Jousting is not a Game is modern look at legendary Arthurian characters, kept within their own time frame. It is written with a style which allows the reader to engage with the personalities, rather than just observing them in a forensic manner. This connection develops a real interest from first to last. Storytelling, at its best.”

“I really enjoyed this new twist on the story of Guinevere, good to have a womans perspective on the Arthurian court.”

"Read of Guinevere and her story. Well written historical fiction with all the top names from King Arthur's days. Merlin, etc, as well as some new cast members that broaden the story. Great ending leading to Arthur. Well written and flows fast. Fun read." (Canada)

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