Published: 28/01/2014
ISBN: 9781783062614
eISBN: 9781783067626
Format: Paperback/eBook

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Lisanne is an Edinburgh born author, she is of Scottish descent but her ancestry also includes Italian, German and Irish She grew up in Edinburgh, within a close knit family which included, her par... read more

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The Park Family: Lauren
The Awakening
by Lisanne Valente

At age 4, Lauren Chisholm declared she had the ‘most gorgeoustist, sparkly, friend in all the worlds, whose voice sounds like singing’. Her parents thought about taking her to a psychiatrist, in the hopes that Lauren would forget all about her ‘favouritemost friend’. But they knew who she was talking about... and what she was talking about: an angel. Their only course of action was to tell Lauren that some things were pretend and most definitely… not real. They knew it was wrong, but they were unsure of how else to help her. Lauren was an earthbound human, and to fantasise about a world she would not be allowed to enter was just not acceptable to them.

Now, pandemonium is about to erupt.

Up in The Heavens, Ambriel, the angel of communications, is worried. He has discovered an anomaly in his Book of Mistdreamers; the Chisholm family had managed to slip through without registering years ago and are now in great danger. There is a Traitor at work.

Meanwhile, Forcas, the angel of invisibility and a member of The Infidelibus, (a band of angels sworn to protect Mistdreamers), has been chosen to make contact with Lauren to help her realise her Mistdreaming potential. Join her as she ventures into Mistdreaming, and explores the realms between Heaven and Hell. Laugh at her antics. Fear for her life, when she encounters the Traitor. And share in her joy at finding her one, true love...

The Park Family: Lauren – The Awakening is a spellbinding novel that will appeal to fantasy readers. Author Lisanne takes inspiration from Harper Lee, J.R.R. Tolkien and Diana Gabaldon.

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Cathedral City
Lisanne's first book was a dedication to her parents and their lives in Edinburgh during the 1940's.

A coming of age story about a young girl, Charlie.

Crossing Over
A psychic murder mystery, set in Edinburgh that crosses the boundaries of time, crossing over into Heaven but bringing Hell to earth.

The Park Family Trilogy
A series of books, the first of which, is a dedication to my three nieces, Lauren, Valerie and Mairi.
A trilogy introducing the reader to a family of Mistdreamers. Humans who cross between realms aiding Angels in their fight to protect worlds and prevent the ultimate war.
Lauren - The Awakening
Valerie - The Teacher
Mairi - Retribution

The Infidelibus
Three novellas introducing the reader to the main otherworldly characters from The Park Family. These novellas give an insight into what happened before mistdreamers, humans and earth.

The Lost Angels
A trilogy that reintroduces us to three Fallen Angels, sworn to protect Mistdreamers, and who now find themselves in a very unusual circumstance.

The Shona Paterson Files
The first novel about a woman with a gift, who helps the police in solving mysteries.

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Mazzy's Book Reviews

Female First

I truly enjoyed this book, from start to finish. This author has quite the imagination! Combine that with a talent for story-telling and you have the makings of a great book.

When Lauren was first introduced in the book, as a four-year-old who is torn between two worlds, I was immediately in love with her and felt a connection that is very important to me as I dive into a new 'book world.' Connecting with the characters is a must for me in order to truly enjoy reading. Ms. Valente definitely accomplished that connection.

As the book continued and the different worlds were revealed, she kept my interest alive with the roller coaster ride between them. As Lauren struggles to understand and then access her Mistdreaming abilities, I gurantee that you will hold your breath for her, cheer for her, even pray for her if that is your thing.

With a truly unique cast of characters and a story like no other, I definitely recommend that you start reading this book--but only if you enjoy being truly entertained.

As for me, I can't wait to read the next installment in the series!

by MG

What a fantastic and gripping beginning of a saga that crosses unknown and unexplained boundaries! The author has captured the environment and its characters with such clarity that the reader is propelled to turn the next page at speed and devour its content. I am only sorry that I need to wait for the consequent adventures in this amazing trilogy.
Screen writers and game developers read this book, its transportation onto reel or play would be magnificent.
Simply amazing imagination. This read was a total joy and would recommend to anyone with an interest in the afterlife, romance and the wonderful things that are our emotions and where they can take us as we walk this life on earth.


I enjoyed this book! The characters and plot were original, and believeable (for fantasy!) It got a bit confusing with the different titles, jobs, etc of the characters and setting, but I could follow the story line. Am waiting to see what happens with the rest of the Park family!

by Kim Pettit

Lauren: The Awakening, part one of a trilogy, whisks the reader away into a heady, ethereal, magical world, full of Angels, Demons, Mistdreamers and more. An exciting, mysterious, intricate, heart-warming, sexy read that will grip you from the moment you pick up the book, Lisanne Valente has created that priceless gem - a true page turner. I could not wait to find out more about the characters, jumping so lifelike from the page. I cared what happened to them, cried and laughed with them and felt bereft when I came to the end of the book. The book is also a love story to Scotland and Edinburgh in particular, making me itch to book my next trip there. I am delighted that this is the first book in a trilogy and cannot wait to read Valerie: The Teacher. A truly gorgeous read.

by Emma Clifford


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