Published: 28/04/2014
ISBN: 9781783062034
eISBN: 9781783068128
Format: Paperback/eBook

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I was born 17.12.1963. and have always been very passionate about art, especially wildlife art and art connected with film and children's book illustrations. My influences include artist, writers and ... read more

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Under the Stars with Leo-Pard
by Terry McManus

Life should have been wonderful, but somehow, the zoo felt like a prison.
What was wrong? What was missing? What was it he longed for?
He didn’t know the word for it, but it felt like an itch that his claws couldn’t reach to scratch.

The first of a trilogy, Under the Stars with Leo-Pard is a full colour children’s picture book, influenced by a trip to the nature reserves, jungles and forests of Belize. It tells the story of Leo-Pard, a very well looked after but extremely bored leopard. Having spent all his life in captivity, he dreams of just one night of freedom.

He escapes with his two friends, Rocky the American Cougar and Stripes the beautiful Bengal tiger. They all taste freedom, and tell their own story of how they came to stay at the zoo. Unfortunately, Rosa the Jaguar has to stay behind, but receives a strange gift and an even stranger new house guest, which gets the whole zoo talking and wondering what will happen next...

This beautifully illustrated story will introduce children aged 4-8 to important issues, such as conservation, working together, and even touches on aspects of equality, all gently pulled together by a slight sprinkling of magic.

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Whilst working on "Under the Stars with Leo-pard" I received some very kind words of encouragement from Dolores Keaveny a very talented artist and self published author of several successful full colour children's picture books from Westmeath Ireland.

"WOW....your illustrations are amazing, so beautiful.You will have some hell of a children's picture book when you get them published, I have no doubt but that your books will be a great success.....with illustrations like those...."

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Couldn't ask for more from a children's book. Breathtaking illustrations and a very exciting story. Highly recommend to those with children as it is perfect for a bed time story and keeps the children entertained and eager for more!

by Diane

When I went to Astley book farm's 10th anniversary he was selling his book and I got to talk to him and see the original drawings this really made me appreciate the book. It was great. I can't wait for the next 2 books in the series!

by Victoria

I read your book and just wanted to say it is absolutely fabulous. The illustrations are brilliant as is the story.

by EIleen Gorman- Belfast

Leo-Pard is beautiful, special and important for a variety of reasons.
Fabulous work Terry.
Looking forward to the next one already.
Need to buy more. It's superb.

by Sheila Price

Just to let you know that I got your wonderful book today. I think that it is just amazing........both the story and the illustrations. This book should do so well. The best of luck. Plenty of promotion now and it should be nominated for an award.

by Dolores Keaveney - Westmeath, Ireland

Just picked up our copy from Waterstones, congratulations Terry, great book.

by Jill Burgess

Book looks amazing ..........what a fabulous series they will make well done Terry you must be delighted.

by Cathy Renkin.

Come home from our trip to our copy of Under the Stars with Leo-Pard...........FANTASTIC it's beautiful.

by Michaela Wickham-Hills

Love the book, it's the only time my kids have wanted to go to bed just so they can read it.

by Sharon Gaggini.

The book is very sweet and the drawings are just marvellous, love them.
It's so sweet bravo!!!!!!!!!

by Kristina Dubin - Santa Monica CA. USA

Wonderfully illustrated story, loved the tale and characters. The kindle edition was superb, the book is enchanting and I carn't wait for the second in the trilogy.

by V Mills.

Loved this book looking forward to the second one coming out. Looking forward to the trilogy of these books. My family all love reading these books and looking at the brilliant illustrations.

by S.Marjoram


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