Published: 01/08/2013
ISBN: 9781783061297
Format: Paperback

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Adrian Fayter has been telling himself stories since he was about six years old, although in those days he would run off if anyone else came in earshot. By twenty-one he had started his first novel. ... read more

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Death Benefit
by Adrian P Fayter

The worst thing about doing a stakeout is the pressure it puts on your bladder.
Unless it leads you into a murder case, that is...

Larry Di Palma always wanted to be a detective, but he has to make do with the next best thing: fraud investigation for the Benefits Agency. It’s not glamorous: his suspects are petty fraudsters and his informants are paid from petty cash. The video camera’s always broken and the paperwork’s beyond a joke.

But when Larry’s boss orders him to take on a seemingly worthless investigation – and a new and attractive assistant – things take a more serious turn. This isn’t about people disappearing off the unemployment register, it’s about people disappearing without trace. And anyone who stumbles over the reason for it is in danger of going the same way...

Can Larry meet his manager’s targets before he becomes a target himself? And when the killers’ identities finally emerge, how can he protect the two young women he has accidentally involved?

Noir Fiction comes to the Jobcentre: Death Benefit is cynical, funny and gripping by turns. Don’t let your chance to read it disappear!

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I really enjoyed this book. The characters are strong, the dialogues great and it had me laughing regularly. It's a really interesting take on the conventional crime fiction as well. By using a main character, who is in an investigator in the benefit office, we get a crime novel outside of the police force setting. This allows for a whole new take on the genre, with a character that finds himself in trouble and out of his depth. Someone who doesn't have the strength of a whole police squad to call on. This is great because you never get that feeling of wanting to shout, 'just call for back up you idiot'.
If your a fan of the genre and want something different, this is really going to provide. It may have a little less action than your used too, but it has a very gripping plot and is beautifully paced. It's definitely a book worth reading. I'm really looking forward to the next Di Palmer novel.

by Ben


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