Published: 01/10/2013
ISBN: 9781783061457
Format: Paperback

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I really don't mind being known as the Mad Catwoman, which is just as well! I was Homing Officer for Cats Protection Woking Branch for nearly 30 years and found homes for thousands of waifs and strays... read more

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Paws for Thought
Stumpy Malone Tells All
by Heather Cook

Stumpy Malone is a cheeky little black cat who was born without hind paws. He doesn’t think of himself as disabled, and often wonders why other cats have those funny blobby things on the end of their back legs. He takes a robust view of life – a life he shares with two extremely challenged humans, the Earth Mother (EM) and Poor Roger (PR), along with a cast of felines.

There is the lumpy ginger boy, Benjamin Wobble, who has mobility problems and a tendency to be over-friendly. Miss Elizabeth has heart problems but reminds everyone of her ‘Head Monitor’ status at every opportunity. Then there’s Whizzy, who lost a leg in a traffic accident, and many others, none of whom could be described as ‘normal’.

Stumpy has an insatiable appetite for life and gets into a number of scrapes, driving the humans mad with worry. When they aren’t worrying about Bonnie Bun-Bun’s dementia and cats sabotaging telephones and computers, EM and PR are frequently searching for Stumpy, who proves that two paws are all a cat needs to cause a lot of trouble...

Paws for Thought is a humorous book that will appeal to cat lovers everywhere – especially to fans of Heather’s first book, Evie’s Diary, which was featured in Your Cat and Cat World, amongst other publications, and received well by readers, who have commented:

“If you like cats you’ll love this book... Highly a-mew-sing from start to finish.”
“A wonderful book... The EM and Poor Roger are well under the paw and give their feline friends so much care and love.”

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