Published: 09/09/2013
ISBN: 9781783060627
eISBN: 9781783069545
Format: Paperback/eBook

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Born 1958, Scotland For decades I worked and played hard, achieved excellent academic credentials and had a varied and successful career as an economist, live financial television journalist, finan... read more

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Corporate Bitch to Shaman
by Evelyn Brodie

Evelyn Brodie worked as an economist in government and the City, then as a live television journalist, Head of Financial Communications and strategic communications consultant, until undeniable experiences forced her to change her belief system.

‘I had unconsciously adopted the role of Scary Corporate Bitch, which required me to suppress my femininity, intuition and compassion in favour of being super-rational, judgemental and selfish. I had absolutely no religious or spiritual beliefs.’

Today, Evelyn is a shaman, Reiki Master and craniosacral therapist, helping people to release the limiting beliefs of their social conditioning and step into their potential. This is her story, describing the esoteric experiences that forced her to change her belief system and adopt a new way of living. Remote viewing, re-birthing and shamanic journeying led her to investigate the multi-dimensional, non-local world of quantum physics and the new physiological discoveries of epigenetics and psychoneuroimmunology.

‘I discovered mounting scientific evidence to support the ancient traditions of energy healing, shamanism, prayer and meditation. This knowledge is available, but not widely taught.’

Corporate Bitch to Shaman
is a popular science/medicine book that covers a number of topics, philosophy, non-locality, quantum entanglement, biology and consciousness. It will appeal to readers interested in taking more control of their own mental, physical and emotional health, including expanding their range of conscious awareness.

‘Helping people to achieve their magnificence and potential is one of my life’s purposes today... I hope readers will be intrigued and challenged by how 21st century science is evolving to validate the ancient healing wisdoms of the indigenous peoples and mystics around the world. I invite you to share my journey and hope it encourages you to go on to experience the benefits of at least some of these expanded state of consciousness for yourself!’

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Radio interviews with Talk Radio Europe and the Bob Charles International Radio Show are available to listen to on my website.

I am also leading another shamanic trip to Peru July and August 2014 to work with the Shipibo shamans and the plant medicines of the Amazon, then the Qero shamans and the plant medicine of the Andes, followed by hiking in Colca Canyon to see the condors and the giant humming birds. Again full information is on my personal website.

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