Published: 15/03/2013
ISBN: 9780957500501
Format: Paperback

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BEEM: Biological Emergence-based Evolutionary Mechanism
How Species Direct Their Own Evolution
by Raju Pookottil

Even after 150 years of its inception, proof for natural selection is extremely limited and many scientists now think that the theory’s potential to fully explain many of evolution’s mysteries is questionable. What if natural selection is not the main mechanism driving the evolution of species? BEEM is a bold and novel alternative hypothesis. It explores a mechanism by which species could be utilizing a built-in capability to intelligently and logically modify themselves over many generations, making changes to their own genes where necessary and thus, directing their own evolution.

When the network of billions of neurons in our brain passes simple signals between them, it generates intelligent solutions. Emergence and swarm intelligence are the fundamental principles that allow such signal networks to generate intelligence. BEEM argues that the complex signal networks that exist between the millions of protein molecules in a cell or the billions of cells that make up larger organisms are also capable of generating such intelligent solutions, albeit at a much slower pace.

It is proposed that species, whether single cells, plants or animals, are able to meaningfully assess their environment, design clever solutions and, most importantly, pass them on to the next generation. The hypothesis argues that organisms are in control of their own genes and that they are able to manipulate and modify their genetic codes so as to incorporate any intelligently generated design modifications. In effect, species design themselves to near perfection over hundreds or thousands of generations. Using observable examples, BEEM builds up a strong case supporting these arguments.

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