Published: 12/06/2005
ISBN: 9781905237067
Format: Paperback

"8/10… We anticipate a love story and a travelogue, but we certainly get more than that. This is an entertaining book, encompassing humour, creative writing, travel, imagination, sophistication and an understanding of both human nature and relationships."
Readers' Review Magazine

''…a chattily contemporary stream of consciousness. …a series of long-exposure shots that succeed in conveying a particular sense of New York's inimitable turmoil… Leary lets life tell its own itinerant story. It's messy and it's random - and also pretty entertaining.'
Eve Lucas, EXBERLINER magazine more

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Christopher Leary was born in New Zealand in 1953 but did not stay there long. His parents had a bad case of wanderlust and by the time he was six his family was living in Nigeria. Then a couple of ye... read more

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Blood and Peanut Butter
by Christopher Leary

This is a logbook, or a diary, if you prefer. The precise classification is not so very important; that can be left to some graduate student of the future. It is just a story; boy meets girl, basically. I call this a logbook because it is a tale of love told in context. It is the account of a journey. A description of the course taken, the rapids navigated, the mountains climbed: geography, climate, quaint folk and customs, discoveries and disasters. Some might even call it a travelogue. Call it what you will, it is never dull. A record of romance is followed by jottings on the latitude and longitude of heaven. An argument is ended by the arrival of a hurricane. The natives turn hostile. Love hurts.

The best way to read this book is without expectations. Life, love and death, as far as I’ve been able to determine, rarely roll out like a novel. I write like a photographer; this is how the journey appeared to my lens. So it is that this work resembles a slide show; except that it’s better because you get to make your own pictures from my words. Clinical trials have proven that 99% of readers stay awake while reading this book. Yet another improvement on a real slide show, where 99% of viewers doze off after the third slide.
Sean Macgillycuddy, Paris, August, 2001

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