Published: 01/06/2013
ISBN: 9781780885520
Format: Paperback

‘This book provides a sound introduction to Parkinson’s Disease from the point of view of someone who has had the disorder for ten years’ – Dr. Patricia Limousin Reader in Clinical Neurology and Consultant Neurologist, UCLH more

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Terry spent much of her childhood abroad, in France, Malta and Germany.She developed an interest in psychology at the age of fifteen, after reading Freud. Working as a nursing auxilliary in several ps... read more

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Parkinson's Disease
A Personal Account in Pictures
by Terry Rummins. Illustrated by Jack Rummins

Parkinson’s Disease: A Personal Account in Pictures is Terry Rummins’ candid story of living with the disease and told in a graphical style, with humour.

In over 400 colour illustrations, Jack Rummins, Terry’s husband, has produced an original interpretation of her story. From the shock at receiving the diagnosis to feelings of inadequacy, anger, joy and finally to hope, the illustrations show, in a very direct manner, what it means to have this paradoxical disorder.

Terry has dealt with this situation in an individual way for many years. She tells how she developed a new understanding of herself and how this has helped with the daily challenges of Parkinson’s and the prognosis.

The book will be essential reading for anyone who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, their carers, family, friends, nurses and other medical professionals.

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The following are typical responses to 'So, I've got Parkinson's Disease':

Thank you so much for your book; I simply devoured it, all the time wishing I'd been able to read something like this when my husband was first diagnosed with Parkinson's several years ago.
It has helped so much to know what it feels like from the perspective of the person with Parkinson's rather than finding websites which are more technical or scientific.
I think your book should be read by every GP and every person who is likely to come in contact with people with Parkinson's - nurses, physiotherapists, opticians, dietitians, carers, to name but a few.
I thank you again - it was courageous of you to write it and I feel sure it will help many people in years to come.
Sue Gilliat

“This is a very good book, containing a mixture of anecdotes, narrative and science. It is engaging, compelling and refreshing.”
The Cure Parkinson’s Trust magazine, Summer 2013

‘This book provides a sound introduction to Parkinson’s Disease from the point of view of someone
who has had the disorder for ten years.’
Professor Limousin, Reader in Clinical Neurology and Consultant Neurologist, University College London Hospital (UCLH), London.

Nursing Standard

Epping Guardian

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