Published: 01/05/2013
ISBN: 9781780885209
Format: Paperback

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Julian studied languages at University and has worked for over 20 years in marketing agencies, developing a passion and flair for writing creative copy for a wide range of communications material. ... read more

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The Brilliant Fish and the Clumsy Octopus
by Julian Bazley

The Brilliant Fish is the star of these fantasy adventures, written in verse. No one knows where he got his knowledge or how he became quite so brilliant, but he is famous throughout the oceans of the world for his ability to solve the problems of his fellow underwater creatures, big or small. From dolphins to penguins, tuna to whales and eels to seals; through his knowledge, skill and resourcefulness, and by using his vast ocean-wide network of contacts and advisors, whatever the problem, he will always find a solution. And he doesn’t charge a penny!

The Brilliant Fish and the Clumsy Octopus is the first of these deep sea adventures. A central character faces a specific problem – in this case, Jack, a young octopus who simply can’t control his tentacles. Challenged by Jack’s problem, The Brilliant Fish uses his creative imagination and the influence of an old school friend to help turn Jack from a walking disaster into a top circus performer!

Careful attention has been given to the scan and flow of the verse, making it very smooth and easy to read. It is designed to be enjoyable for parents reading aloud to younger children, or for children aged 6-10 reading to themselves or groups of their contemporaries. It helps children understand the rhythm, flow and versatility of the English language, and to feel that poetry can be fun. It will inspire children to ‘play’ with words and write creatively themselves. The book has been beautifully illustrated in full colour by Colin Pells.

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Bucks Free Press

I took this book home to read to my kids Tilly (7) and Charlie (4) - they loved it so much they decided the next night I should read it when they were in the bath because they wanted to be in the water too. Great prose and lovely illustrations - a real winner in our house!

by Paul Crew

FANTASTIC book. All the way from the feel of the book to the simply amazing illustrations to the wonderful story of the Brilliant Fish. My children adore it and were instantly hooked. I just wonder when the range of toys will be released so we can play with the Brilliant Fish and the Clumsy Octopus at bath time. Huge congratulations to both the author and the illustrator. Bring on the next book :-)

by Sarah Simpkins

The Year 2 children at Dagnall School were captivated by the rhythm and rhyme in The Brilliant Fish. They thought the white writing of each verse ressembled bubbles and were very keen to match the wonderful pictures with each character mentioned in the book. The poetry was a pleasure to read and the children would like to know if there are any more characters who need help from the Brilliant Fish.

by Headteacher - Rachel Heath

The Brilliant fish and the Clumsy Octopus is a beautifully written account of life under the sea. This tale is about an extremely intelligent fish with a multitude of knowledge and wisdom, which he uses to help a variety of sea creatures. He acts as an unofficial adviser for fish, eels and octopus alike!

This rhyming tale has the ability to engage a child’s imagination and will hopefully encourage and inspire them to try their hand at poetry.

by Kira Waterstones


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