Published: 01/09/2013
ISBN: 9781780884790
Format: Paperback

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KATHARINE ECCLES HORN lives in Suffolk where she is a teacher. She has one husband, two daughters, one dog, two cats, four chickens and too many fish to count. When not writing, she loves acting, sing... read more

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Dogs Can’t Fly
by Katharine Eccles Horn

Danny examined his new pet. It was a metallic sort of purple, with colours that moved across the surface. Danny couldn’t understand it. He had known it was a dragon from the moment he opened the box, but it seemed he was the only one who knew it. “What is it?” he asked. “Magic? I don’t believe in magic.”

Dogs can’t fly, but then Blink is not a dog; he is a small, mischievous, purple dragon. Only Danny can see what Blink is, but Danny is a scruffy eleven-year-old with a reputation for lying, so who would believe him if he told them? He must cope alone with the trials of raising a headstrong young dragon, which eats everything in sight, breathes fire at awkward moments and steals shiny things to add to his treasure hoard under the bed. Worst of all, he is learning to fly and even Danny does not know how to explain a flying dog!

Dogs Can’t Fly charts the adventures of Danny and his irrepressible dragon, from eating underpants to scaring off the school bullies. It is filled with wry humour with a measure of slapstick and colourful characters, such as the Professor, a mad scientist and dragon expert. But there is also the Tattooed Man, who is far too interested in Danny’s ‘dog’... When Blink is kidnapped by treasure hunters, Danny and the Professor must race against time, over land and sea to save him, battling ruthless men with guns and, worse, a dragon far bigger and meaner than Blink.

Dogs Can’t Fly is an imaginative, humorous work of fantasy fiction for children aged 9-12 that has been inspired by Katharine’s border terrier, Wilfred. “He likes to chase butterflies and one day he was jumping so high that I said, ‘Dogs can’t fly!’ By the time our walk was over, I had the first chapter sketched out in my head and I began writing as soon as we got home!”

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