Published: 01/03/2013
ISBN: 9781780884639
eISBN: 9781780886510
Format: Paperback/eBook

'I wanted to let you know straightaway that I think this is a brilliant book. Such a good uplifting but real insight on the cancer journey. I want to make an order immediately as I would like to be able to give it to newly diagnosed cancer patients in my surgery.' Colleen Wood, GP

'No reader could fail to be moved by her strong and positive approach to every woman's nightmare - the diagnosis of cancer in the breast. Her account of how she, with the support of her husband, family and friends, tackled the difficult months that followed is moving - and uplifting.' Vivienne Schuster, Curtis Brown.

''A very easy and refreshing story and one that will resonate with many. Those who know you will laugh out loud a lot and imagine you very vividly, those who don't will be inspired by your courage and your attitude, and many will identify with your emotions which are so vividly documented.'' - Lisa Allera

''The book is a wonderful manifestation of your own energy and personality, perhaps the greatest asset of all when faced with such a difficult diagnosis. I greatly enjoyed the style and enthusiasm. It is always interesting to see the journey from a patient’s perspective and, I suspect, your words would give enormous comfort and encouragements to others embarking on a similar trip.'' - Adam Searle (BDS MB BS FRCS FRCS(Plast) more

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I felt a right one…
And now I feel a right one again!
by Karen Tighe

‘Whilst in the bath I lay back and take a look at my ‘bigger than I would really like’ body and focus on my chest. My G cup breasts are not difficult to miss, even with my poor eyesight, but what I see makes me sit up straight. It looks like my right nipple is ‘not on straight’. I put my glasses on and have a really good look, then start to gently feel my whole right breast. I feel the left one for good measure and can definitely detect a lump on the right side...’

I Felt a Right One is the true story of Karen Tighe, an ordinary woman, and her journey through discovery, diagnosis, treatment and reconstruction caused by breast cancer.

Amusing and thoughtfully written, it is particularly helpful in describing the physical, emotional and psychological processes that a patient can go through – and how that impacts upon their life, and that of their family.

Karen’s aim in writing the book was to make cancer less frightening and anyone who is either suffering from cancer, or knows someone who is, will find the book to be of great help.

Karen Tighe is donating the profits from I Felt a Right One to St Luke’s Hospice and Breast Cancer Care.

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This is Local London

This is Harrow

Harrow Observer

A wonderful read. Just the right blend of emotional highs and lows, with a dollop of humour thrown in for good measure. Never mawkish, Karen is a natural writer and survivor! Her no - nonsense, positive approach to her illness is an inspiration. I urge you to read this book and tell your friends!

by Gill Wren

Karen will take you on an emotional roller coaster from start to finish. You will laugh out loud, cry, smile and everything else along the way. A truly inspiring and inspirational read by a highly intelligent, humorous and talented woman. If you have been diagnosed, know someone who has or just enjoy a truly inspirational story, you will not be able to put this book down. I am fortunate to have known Karen and I'm sure after reading you will feel like you do to.

by Katrina Reece

A fantastic book - very witty & inspiring. Helps keep things in perspective. Would highly recommend.

by Ashmi

What a fantastic read, everyone should read this book as it gives a true insight of this illness and how Karen overcame the mountains she had to climb. The highs, lows and setbacks, but with her determination and support from her family she fought a tough battle. You will laugh and cry at the same time! a truly inspirational book, simply brilliant!

by Gill

Fantastic book. True account of the journey Karen went through and her fantastic positive attitude. I laughed and cried reading this and fave me an insight as to what my best friend at the time was going through. A must read book can't wait for no 2. Well done Karen 5 Stars

by Jo

Quite simply the most positive take on something that we all fear. Everyone facing serious illness should read this for one person's narrative on how to harness all of that positivity and not only survive, but flourish. No - wait. EVERYONE should read this book for how to harness positivity and flourish in the face of any serious challenge. If I have to see that day, it will be the first thing I turn to.

by Julie Wilson

This book is an amazing, funny, heartbreaking and heartwarming read. Karen writes as she speaks so you get to know her as a person by reading this book. She is so positive and funny it is a lovely inspiring book.

I too had the same op with the same surgeon, I also dealt with my cancer with the same humour and positive outlook. and he has made us the strong women we are today.

This is a great gift for anyone, but I wish I had read this after I was diagnosed so I had not felt so lonely. Buy it for every woman you know it's inspirational, and supports 2 charities close to my heart too. Thank you.

by Heather Martin


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