Published: 02/04/2013
ISBN: 9781780884219
Format: Paperback

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My passion for writing first began with a ‘what if’. It all started with writing alternate endings to stories that I’d read or a TV programme that I’d watched as a child. It had been a way of answ... read more

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Pandora's Box
The Rose Trilogy: Book One
by Jocelyn McCallum

2012. The existence of the supernatural community was no longer a secret. The humans tried to flush them out from hiding and there was pandemonium. The chaos was tearing every country apart and many world leaders feared that the world would not last into the next year. With debates that droned on for days, the two races finally came to a decision. At long last the supernaturals would attempt once more to try and openly co-exist with humans...

2035. Rayne Nyte has just finished school and is preparing for university. She learns that some people around her may not be who or what they have claimed to be. She also learns that she, too, isn’t who or what she had always thought she was. Her once peaceful life is shattered as rivalling factions in the world fight out for the rival of a legend that hasn’t been revived for decades. With them chasing after Rayne, there is no hope of there being peace in her life.

The story takes an abrupt turn as an organisation appears in order to protect her from her attackers and to help her discover who she really is. Rayne finds out that she is the daughter of the now deceased founders of an independent organisation. She then discovers that someone beside her is a vampire who has been sent to observe her. It isn't until after various attacks made by people who crave for the power that Rayne possesses that he is finally forced to reveal the truth about himself. As a soldier from the magical division of the military, he had originally been sent as an observer and ordered to kill her if she was deemed as dangerous...

Pandora’s Box is a work of supernatural young adult fiction that will appeal to readers aged 12 to 18. The book is the first in The Rose Trilogy and has been inspired by Keri Arthur, Karen Chance and Richelle Mead.

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I have been a reader of science fiction in the broadest sense for many decades and recently saw a Press Release from Troubador Publishing on the newly published novel entitled ‘Pandora’s Box' by Jocelyn McCallum. I noted that the novel was categorised as young adult fiction and would appeal to those aged 12 to 18 years.

Being much much older than that age group but also being an ardent follower of science fiction I decided to read it. I found the complex plot to be completely absorbing and a very enjoyable read. What really surprised me was the fact (as stated in the Press Release) that it was written by a young teenager who was brought up in Hong Kong and spoke and wrote only Cantonese until she arrived in the UK at the age of 8 ! Jocelyn’s ability to master the English language and portray it with admirable imagination in a plot of such complexity and fluency in such a few years is in my opinion simply amazing !

I look forward to the completion and publishing of Volume 2 of ‘The Rose Trilogy’ with much anticipation.

by S Southwell London


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