Published: 01/12/2012
ISBN: 9781780883649
eISBN: 9781780887586
Format: Paperback/eBook

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Ellen was born and raised on the beautiful Island of Jersey, where the book is based. She was inspired to write her first spiritual fictional mystery, Untold Truth, after finding the truth behind a b... read more

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Untold Truth
by Ellen Hardwick

Jane read the words again, hoping she had mistaken their meaning.
“I know what you’ve been hiding. The past is catching up with you. It has been ten years since Joe’s death and it is time to give up your secret. Watch out for the signs and messages I will give you. It will be your choice whether you act on them, but if you don’t, your future will remain unfulfilled. I will be in touch again. M”
There was no mistake.

People live their lives by what they believe,
But what if,
What they believe isn't true?

At Joe’s funeral, Jane had smiled, believing her secret was safe, but 10 years on, an anonymous letter on her desk brings back her fears of her secret being exposed. At the pinnacle of her career as a partner in what is predominately a man’s business, she believes she will be ruined. Her search to find the person behind the letter leads her to a spiritual teacher, and Mark.

Mark has also received a letter; he also has a secret. Jane must trust him if they are to work together. Their actions expose an untold truth that, if believed, will change their lives.

Untold Truth is set in Jersey and will appeal to fans of spiritual mystery. Author Ellen draws inspiration from a number of authors, including Stephen King, Michael Crichton, JK Rowling and Alistair MacLean.

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The book launch and signing for Untold Truth went well with the support of our local Waterstones book store.

I had 30 books pre-ordered and more orders followed. I'm really pleased by the response and want to thank all the people who have supported me.

My second book, The Dark Truth - A Crystal Legacy came out on 28th January 2015 and has proved popular.

The third book of this trilogy, The Ultimate Truth - The Power of One is at the start of book production and will be available in 2017.

The Writing Magazine

Ellen immediately captures the attention to make 'Untold Truth' a page turner, with pockets of ancient wisdom along the way. The characters are alive & you journey with them as the mystery unfolds. An unexpected ending leaves one impatient for the next instalment ......

by Susan Morton


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