Published: 01/12/2012
ISBN: 9781780883410
Format: Paperback

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About the Author

From an early age I developed a strange affinity for poetry after hearing Edgar Allen Poe’s famous poem ‘The Raven’. Immediately I tried writing my own, I was fascinated by words in rhyme and their me... read more

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Memoirs of the Damned
by Yasir Hayat

An epic vampire novel set against a timeless gothic backdrop

Andross Ameliyo’s world is constantly beset by tragedy. On a stormy night he is given a choice that will ultimately spell damnation for himself or for those around him. Will he choose revenge or redemption?

In a revival of classic horror with an revenge theme, Memoirs of the Damned is written by a soul who is shackled in suffering. No matter where Andross turns there is to be no reprieve from the void of his existence. His is a story of sorrow, rage and horror.

The choices we make in life are what shape our destiny and even when all is lost, hope can prevail. Can Andross too find hope or will the pain consume all that he is and will ever be?

Memoirs of the Damned is a journey for those with a weary soul and a wounded heart, a revenge filled vampire horror.

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