Published: 01/11/2012
ISBN: 9781780883229
eISBN: 9781780887876
Format: Paperback/eBook

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Gill Jepson is children's author and Patron of Reading for three schools in the Furness area of Cumbria. She is passionate about learning and loves her role as an educator. She lives in Barrow-in ... read more

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Out of Time 2
Raven's Hoard
by Gill Jepson

Nate is a young archaeologist who finds himself embroiled in an exciting and, at times, terrifying adventure involving smugglers, Vikings and treasure hunters. He comes face to face with a real 18th century Revenue man and his betrothed, Dolly. They become entangled in a race to find a sacred sword and are beset by all kinds of difficulties – not least of all being catapulted between different times. They witness great events, including a horrifying Viking battle, strange discoveries in a graveyard and the mysterious appearance of John Stell a scribe from Furness Abbey.

These adventures take the young people on a rollercoaster ride through time as they pit their strength and skills against their enemies, both in the distant past and Nate’s present...

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Her first book "Out of Time:The Secret of the Swan" has been a best seller in her local Waterstone's and she continues to visit schools and bookshops throughout the year.

The Out of Time series is a historical fantasy story and is woven around real events and people. The central focus is Furness Abbey which provides a suitably mysterious backdrop to the adventures. The characters find themselves in a race against time and up against formidable adversaries who seek the same lost abbey treasures that they are charged with protecting.

A book for younger children is also available called "Guy the Grumpy Gargoyle" which explores friendship.

A brilliant story that draws you in from the start. Well drawn characters that you can identify with and vivid descriptions of the area mean that younger readers can really immerse themselves in the adventure. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes history, mystery adventures from age 9 to 90. Can't wait for the next book! SATAY

I bought this book as I have a love for anything to do with Furness Abbey. Although it is a book for children I really enjoyed spending a few moments reading it and enjoying all the lovely illustrations with in it. If you have young kids I would definitely recommend this book for them, especially if you know and visit Furness Abbey! Once you've read the book and next visit the abbey I'm sure you will be looking around to see if you can see Guy the Grumpy Gargoyle sitting somewhere on the ruins. I know I will be! As I say in the title of this review, a great book for children!

Lancashire Life

North West Evening Mail

A brilliant second book following up from the Secret of the Swan. The story is a fun adventure from the outset. I highly reccommend it to anyone.

by Alex Blake

Raven’s Hoard is the second instalment in the Out of Time series written by Gill Jepson. After reading the first book, The Secret of the Swan, aloud as a family we were very much looking forward to continuing the story with Raven’s Hoard. We were not disappointed! Told from the point of view of an older child gave this book a slightly different feel which kept the story fresh. We are introduced to new characters and new places while remaining in the original setting in and around the town of Barrow-in-Furness. There is plenty of history wound throughout the story and I even learnt some new things about the area in which I live! I particularly like the way that Gill Jepson writes her characters and in particular the children, these are characters which children can relate to, allowing them to place themselves within the story and experience all the more vividly. As a child I was a big fan of the Famous Five by Enid Blyton and reading these books takes me back to the way I felt reading those, full of mystery and adventure, albeit with less ginger beer and jam sandwiches! As well as being thoroughly entertaining these books give children a glimpse of the way things were in different periods in history, making them come alive in a way that a text book doesn’t. We very much enjoyed Raven’s Hoard and we can’t wait to see where the story goes next!

by Karen Allanson


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