Published: 07/01/2013
ISBN: 9781780883212
Format: Paperback

Death Matters is an easy to read book. Its conversational style, informal approach and practical guidance is of great help to those who fear death and wish to avoid thinking about it. There is nothing to fear about death. In fact death is liberating but our culture has conditioned our minds to think of death in negative terms.

Sally Petch has performed a great service in helping us to come to terms with the idea of death. It is a handbook of how to live well and how to die well. Sally shows that even reading about death can be delightful!

-Satish Kumar more

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About the Author

Sally lives in rural West Sussex overlooking a churchyard, which is apt as she often writes on the subject of "good death". She taught in primary education for 14 years before setting up a Reflexology... read more

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Death Matters
by Sally Petch

Death Matters is a unusual new book that encourages us to change how we think about dying. Throughout the book, author Sally Petch asks us to start talking about and planning our own death – so that we can reach a place of acceptance and lessen our fear of an event which is, ultimately inevitable.

Taking a gentle, questioning format, Death Matters encourages us to pause and think about different aspects of dying. Sally poses several questions, encouraging us to note down our responses and consider our thoughts and feelings in response to specific topics. Death Matters also shares other people’s thoughts, anecdotes and experiences to help us feel more comfortable with discussing death openly.

There are few books on this topic, fewer still that deal with death in this direct manner – all of which make Death Matters essential reading for everyone who wishes to embrace death positively.

By overcoming our fear of death, we will release ourselves to live a fuller live. By changing our emphasis to accept death, we can journey towards dying with confidence and equilibrium.

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Sally was guest on Radio Surrey this week, chatting with Joe Talbot about her book and her views on life and death.

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