Published: 01/08/2012
ISBN: 9781780882451
eISBN: 9781780888019
Format: Paperback/eBook

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THE CONCEPTION OF BRANDY ROW I have been a closet writer for many years working on this manuscript. My objective was never publication, I just wanted a challenge and to see if I could do it. Thus B... read more

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Brandy Row
by Shelagh Mazey

Brandy Row takes place on the Isle of Portland between 1830 and 1851 – when smuggling was rife and the close knit community armed themselves against foreigners or ‘Kimberlins’.

A young fisherman, Matthew, has fallen for Violet, the beautiful daughter of a smuggler. They are childhood sweethearts when the new Customs Riding Officer arrives on the scene. Richard Dryer is handsome and shrewd and a worthy protagonist for the smugglers, but trouble is brewing for everyone when Violet falls in love with him. Knowing that she risks being ostracised by her family and friends Violet has to make a decision that will have repercussions throughout the rest of her life.

Brandy Row is a family saga that encompasses two generations, it puts the flesh and bones on the history of Portland. It begins at a time when the only access to Portland was by rope ferry and leads up to the construction of the breakwater. Brandy Row also fictionalises the arrival of the convicts on their way to the Verne prison prior to transportation and the traditions, celebrations, superstitions and customs of Portland at that time. It features smuggling, sea rescues, attempted rape and murder, blackmail, imprisonment, tragedies and heartache.

Brandy Row is the first of a new regional saga series that follows one family across a generation and takes place chronologically throughout the 19th century.

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Review of Brandy Row by Teresa Gess

"For anyone with Isle of Portland connections who are not only interested in their own ancestry but also local and social history, then Brandy Row is a must. This book is based around a romance (or two) but cannot really be classified as romantic fiction, it has too much else to offer. It gives you an understanding of the Isle over almost 30 decades mid 19th Century, Portland comes alive with topographical descriptions, as well as those of the families. Names mentioned are Attwool, Byatt, Comben (sadly no Cox for me) Pearce, Stone, White and others. Although fiction it is based on fact which helps you travel back in time to exist amongst your ancestors and appreciate their lifestyle. I just hope that Shelagh will enlighten us in the future with the next generation, and for me also a prequel as my direct Cox line left Portland pre 1840's. A book I shall certainly read again."

Teresa Gess


Historical Novel Society

NewBooks Magazine

Dorset Echo Magazine

Western Gazette

Its A Best seller I can smell it

by Mr Cape

I could not put this book down. Shelagh Mazey is an exceptional writer.

by sue dodge

Great read….good research and well costructed…very enjoyable…..well done.

by RonS

Thanks a bundle, cannot wait until the next book is released. You have the picture of Portland in days gone by in words

by Mr S

Fantastic great,I Know POrtland well,the story makes you believe you are there I read this book last year,and have just finished Dawn to Deadly Nightshade what a good read. I am now going to read them both again.

by Eparry406@btinternet


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