Published: 01/08/2012
ISBN: 9781780882277
Format: Paperback

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For Better For Worse is based on a true story which took the life I’d been living, screwed it into a ball and threw it into the trash can. Almost overnight all my hopes and dreams for the future beca... read more

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For Better For Worse
by Jane Beck

If only we could have stayed in Portofino. For months after their holiday ended, the thought buzzed constantly around Liz’s head. She should have insisted on more leisure and less action. Why did she suggest they go to Rome in the first place? The list of thoughts was endless and futile and there was no future in ‘if only’.”

For better, for worse. Four words that slip so easily off the tongue, but Liz, like most brides, never gave the ‘worse’ a second thought. Like most women of her generation, she’d bought the whole ‘happy ever after’ scenario, but it didn’t turn out quite as she’d expected. Now she’s wondering if all brides are doomed to disappointment, or if she is in some way unique...

Liz’s husband Paul runs a hotel and there are frequent calls on his time from both his staff and customers. His business partner Antonia is constantly interfering in their lives and her jealousy of Liz is apparent to everyone but Paul. When Liz finds out that Paul’s oldest friend Bruno is staying in Rome, she suggests they take a much-needed break to visit. Secretly, she hopes that the holiday will help to recapture the first, carefree days of their marriage.

Leaving their daughter Emma and son Marcus with their au pair, Liz and Paul have a wonderful four-day trip through France and Italy, but shortly after their arrival in Rome, they are plunged into a nightmare and Liz begins to experience a ‘worse’ that she’d never believed possible. In the weeks ahead she discovers the happiness she seeks is an elusive emotion and has a long, tortuous road to travel to find it. But the journey is not without its excitement. When a new path opens, in the most sudden and unexpected way, Liz begins to look forward again.

For Better For Worse is a work of fiction that will appeal particularly to women. Jane is inspired by writers who portray real people; Joanna Trollope is a favourite. “I hope the book will resonate with any women who have loved and lost,” she says.

Jane Beck was born and educated in Yorkshire. In her early twenties she married, had two children, three jobs and was widowed in the space of four years. She is a great lover of Italy. In 2009 she won the English prize in the international competition Premio Letterario Europa.

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Just received notification from Public Lending Rights telling me that a cheque is on its way. One only receives a few pence per borrowing and this has to accumulate before a payment is made so I'm thrilled.
January 29th 2014 speaking to Welwyn Garden City Women's Luncheon Club. This is the third author presentation I've done this January. It's lovely when members of the audience come up and buy a book.

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Lovely descriptions of Italy, believeable characters and a storyline which keeps you reading, wanting to know what happens. I really enjoyed Jane's book - now I'm off to order her first one!

by Ann Fox

Jane Beck has a passion for all things Italian; food, wine, climate, culture and archaeology. When she was in her twenties she was on holiday in Italy with her husband when he was taken ill and died, leaving her to bring up two small children without him.

Over forty years later Jane has has written a novel that is based on her experiences at that time as well as her love of Italy.

In "For Better, For Worse" Liz is on holiday in Rome with Paul when he has a stroke. The novel tells us about Liz's experiences coping with grief and rebuilding her own life and her two young children's lives.

For Better for Worse is a good read.

by A. Bradford


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