Published: 01/07/2012
ISBN: 9781780881997
Format: Paperback

''There are fewer books that can actually cause the reader to change how they see themselves and the world around them – and fewer still that can provide the tools to sustain that change. Inside Meditation is one of those rare pieces of writing that simply changes you. The paradox innate to its genius – is that, once animated by you, it can ultimately lead you to discovering that which is not subject to change, within yourself.'' Joanne Sarah Avison – Structural Integrator, Author & Lecturer, Director of AOCY

''Inside Meditation - An in-depth expose and the most comprehensive and instructive book that demystifies meditation. It helps you to come to peace with life and everything in it, to create positive energy from within.'' Carmel Greenwood; Author of Letting Go & Loving Life (Random House & Penguin); Soul energy (Random House) & Wake up Mum

''Alex leads by example. His enthusiasm for the subject is infectious. He has thoroughly researched, implemented and experienced the processes of meditation from both Eastern and Western perspectives. His ability to communicate his experiences clearly and with passion is admirable. One always leaves his presence refreshed and with a different outlook on life situations. We are very much looking forward to his writings and continuing this journey with his teachings.'' Pashenka Gribbin & Nick Cervonaro Yoga Teachers

''It has been a privilege to have been a recipient of the teachings imparted by Alex who in turn has continued to unveil the wisdom and knowledge of his teachers in a most profound, yet personal way. Freely given to those who have been true seekers, Alex has directed each of us toward the light within us, that is our inner essence. Through his pragmatic teaching of the work we have, through our shared endeavours, revealed the loving presence of the eternal, unchanging nature within. This unveiling of our inner reality through meditation has been a process of love made visible, facilitated by Alex and gifted to us through Grace.'' Jennifer Ellis Yoga/Meditation teacher more

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"Meditation is to experience life in a new way - that is life as a means and not as an end. Through meditation one gradually becomes present to one's own presence, which ultimately leads to the real... read more

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Inside Meditation
In search of the unchanging nature within
by Alexander Filmer-Lorch

Inside Meditation – In Search of the Unchanging Nature Within is a contemporary guide to the theory, practice and application of the science of meditation, philosophy and Eastern psychology. Alexander Filmer-Lorch uses Inside Meditation – In Search of the Unchanging Nature Within to demystify the process of meditation.

The book explores the history and origins of meditation, looking at the latest scientific aspects of regular meditation practice and its impact on brain function, brain-wave activity and its ability to create permanent changes in brain tissue. It also concentrates on the benefits of meditation practice on stress and adrenaline levels, mood swings, blood pressure, the immune system and overall health.

There are more than 45 exercises and techniques explained in the book that cover self-study and meditation practice. Each chapter describes the theory behind the practice and gives clear instruction on how to action the acquired knowledge and how the techniques or exercises are supposed to be applied and executed. All meditation techniques explained in the book can be safely practiced and explored without the guidance of a teacher. Every topic, theme, method and technique has been thoroughly studied, researched, explored and practised by the author.

Inside Meditation – In Search of the Unchanging Nature Within offers a timeless and down-to-earth approach based on Alexander Filmer-Lorch’s accumulation of 30 years of self-practice and 20 years of meditation and philosophy teaching experience. The work is inspired and influenced by both old and new traditions.

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The mastery of Alexander Filmer-Lorch lies in his ability to write straight to the point and in simple language about profound questions of human beings. The short chapters help to stay focused and to understand the subjects more deeply than any elaborate writing one finds in so many other books of this genre would do.

by Franziska Rosenzweig


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