Published: 01/06/2012
ISBN: 9781780881690
Format: Paperback

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Find Me Happy
by A.K Philips

Find Me Happy is a narrative about how, through “fifteen years of climbing a mountain and one second of reaching the summit” A.K. Philips made a realisation that might truly change the way we look at happiness, forever.

During his teenage years Phillips found himself to be a regular companion of melancholy. As his world ebbed and flowed, the constant swim against life’s current gradually got the better of him and as he grew into his mid twenties the romanticism of melancholy was replaced by the silent suffocation of depression. His toe-to-toe tussle with hopelessness often became a bitter fist fight and despite the regular bloody noses, he believed it was a fight he needed to take on his own. Faced with chasing another false dawn in the form of a new formulaic happiness, he ripped everything up and started again from somewhere new.

Having spent just over a decade and a half buying into the various types of salvation on offer, from embracing a religion to believing a secret, Philips understands what it is to yearn for some sort of salvation. When that salvation comes in the form of happiness, a true happiness which is accessible to anyone who wants it, he knew he had to put his thoughts into words.

This book isn’t about waving a magic wand. It is about appreciating that life is as much about being aware of the journey as it is about reaching any single destination. It is about making yourself aware of the consequences of your actions or lack of actions and allowing yourself to make choices based upon the ''here and now'. This book is about breaking free from that which we hide behind and forgiving ourselves for the mistakes we made in the past.

Happiness has often been sold as a commodity, through a set of rules or strategies, or by the involvement in a faith, but through “Find Me Happy” Phillips shows how your answers might lie in a far simpler place. He asks, "If feeling in love generally makes us feel happier and feeling happy means that we perceive things more positively, then is the key to happiness simply to love yourself?" We'll let you decide that one for yourself.

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