Published: 01/05/2012
ISBN: 9781780881379
eISBN: 9781780888101
Format: Paperback/eBook

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About the Author

Peter has recently retired after different careers working as Cabin Crew for a number of airlines, including BOAC, Nursing and finishing off as a charity worker working with young people. Peter was... read more

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On a Wing and a Prayer
Flight to Redemption
by Peter Wing

On A Wing and a Prayer is a unique, poignant, frank and honest journey through an often dysfunctional life. Peter Wing’s story encompasses a varied and interesting life and touches upon:

•His experiences at an English boarding school where he discovers first love, sadism and bullying.

•Young adulthood in Apartheid South Africa; becoming involved in a terrorist bombing when an anti-Apartheid activist (being held without charge and beaten by police for 3 days).

•Working in Mozambique during the “Freedom from Portugal” struggle,A career as cabin crew with BOAC and South African Airways – working with celebrity passenger and royalty, getting involved in life of hedonism and alcohol

• Accepting his sexuality; including a look at love, personal relationships and his love affair with a major Olympic male athlete

• A career change to nursing and working on the first AIDS cases and witnessing terrible ‘medieval’ psychiatric treatments and patient abuse in England

• Finding happiness and fulfilment in retirement

It is a history of a very interesting, glamorous but dysfunctional life which is ultimately redeemed by a new faith and self fulfilment.

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3 New Reviews from the Amazon Site:

Carol from Warwickshire said:
"This book is a look at the author's life taken from diaries kept since a child.Reading this you truly felt you were taking a sneaky peak into those diaries.A very honest and open account of someone's life as it unfolds,warts and all. Well worth a read"
Rating Score 5.0/5.0

Michael from Cambridge said:
"I have always enjoyed stories of people's lives and this book (recommended by a friend) was well worthwhile. Things which stand out are the variety of Peter's life( with plenty of sex including at school!)and the honesty which he reflects on it. Like most people who've reached their 60's he's had downs as well as ups and,though he has another bump near the end,it's good to find that he's now at peace with himself and his extraordinary experiences haven't totally exhausted him"
Rating Score 4.5/5.00

Judy from Jeddah,Saudi Arabia said:
"An honest recounting of a life of twists and turns:not all pleasant. Written comfortably and made easy to read,Wing manages to "take you there" without unnecessarily gory details or sympathy seeking language. Yet still one senses only too well the anguish and fear of,firstly,a youngster, rather lost between different worlds and unemotional parents,and later a man seeking to find himself and his niche in life. One looks forward to further writing from this new author"
Rating Score: 4.5 / 5.0

Sheffield Star

The Advertiser, Sheffield

This sounds like it might be an interesting book, I cant wait to get hold of it where can I buy it?the sooner the better.What an interesting life.

by gillian

This guy has had a very eventful life and this book is not one to be missed

by Derek

I have just read and enjoyed this memoir, there is something for everyone in this book,I admire the honesty, courage and compassion of the author in relating his life story.
I really enjoyed reading about his experiences at an English boarding school, and moving on to his life as a young adult in South Africa, becoming an anti-Apartheid activist, then on to his career as cabin crew with several airlines, travelling the world and mixing with the rich and famous.
I found some sections somewhat sad, others amusing, and it was touching to read of his private search for love after accepting his sexuality. This is certainly NOT A MISERY MEMOIR, there is much joy, love and happiness within this story and he finishes his tale finding spiritual peace and fulfilment.
I heartily recommend this book to all those readers who enjoy a no nonsense honest and personal story of unusual people, places and situations. Left me wanting more.
An Excellent Read!

by Chris P

I was so delighted to read Peter's first novel on a recent holiday to Spain, which is quite an achievment for me, for not being a reader. Honoured too that there was a reference to myself on page 148 which brought back a lot of happy memories from my flying days with BA.
I am so looking forward to Peter's next novel 'Tales Of Flying Folk' of which I understand should be released sometime in September.
A must read! Oredr your copy now!

by MJ

A fantastic and very honest book. I could not put it down. Very well written and Pieter really has led the most fascinating life. Well worth a read.

by Celaine


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