Published: 01/04/2012
ISBN: 9781780881218
eISBN: 9781788032179
Format: Paperback/eBook

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I was born in Leicestershire and worked in the financial retail industry for nearly 40 years. I draw inspiration for my writing through a passion for history, both ancient and modern, as well as wal... read more

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The Daughters of Carrawburgh
by Nigel Plane

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The Daughters of Carrawburgh is a fantasy/adventure story with a contemporary setting­, enriched by myth, folklore and the mysteries of our prehistoric heritage.

Sam Layton, a respected psychic medium, is called in by a reclusive landowner to investigate how a murder at a prehistoric stone circle relates to human sacrifices that have occurred at the site through antiquity. He joins forces with a beautiful widowed archaeologist, Emma, but soon finds he has a few demons of his own to lay to rest…

Whilst investigating the paranormal occurrences in the area, and with the discovery of more gruesome archaeological finds, Layton believes they relate to events locked away in his childhood memories. He is plagued by visions of Emma’s death, and is drawn into a desperate quest to discover her fate.

Set against the atmospheric backdrop of ancient landscapes, stone circles, Roman ruins, forest and moorland, The Daughters of Carrawburgh is a thrilling paranormal adventure centering on a story of stone circles and the ghosts of Roman soldiers, rather than a world populated by monsters, dragons and trolls.

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My new novel, The Mystery of Doe Eyes is due for publication in the early Autumn.
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Melton Times

Melton Times


Daughters of Carrawburgh is a first-rate psychological thriller that you simply can't put down! I lost myself in this book, and finished it in a single day, so engrossing was it.

Sam Layton is a spiritualist. Not the cold reader, the charlatan psychic who is simply adept at deciphering people from miniscule clues that pass most people's’ attention. No, Sam is the real deal. From a young age, Sam has heard the spirits of those passed on. As he grew to an adult, he turned his 'gift’, as he calls it, to granting peace to those who are grieving.

When we meet Sam, he has been hired to scope out psychic impressions at the henge known as the Daughters of Carrawburgh. While there, he meets archaeologists Emma and Paul Carter, hired by the same person who hired Sam, to find evidence of ritual human sacrifice. Although Sam has some interesting paranormal experiences, he is unable to verify what his employer wishes to know.

Fast forward several months, and Sam has returned to the sleepy town of Wraxbridge, now quiet for the fall. Emma is still there, working the digs, though Paul is not. This time Sam’s paranormal experiences take on a frighteningly real cast. As autumn turns to with Ter, Sam once again returns to the area, hopeful of seeing Emma, though equally afraid to. His one-time employer shows up, desiring to enlist Sam’s help one last time. Things take a swerve into X-Files territory (as if earlier events didn't…). Can Sam solve his paranormal problems with everyone intact?

I really like the cover. I think it is supposed to be Emma, but it reminds me of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy: Advent’s Children. Yes, I have weird associations. As an archaeologist by my earliest trade, I have a love for books playing with those topics, and for pictures too.

by J'Aislynn d'Merricksson - NetGalley

I think this book is a good psychological thriller. It has psychics and a discovery of more gruesome archaeological finds. Sam is a very exciting character and the different experiences he has are hair raising. I was very lost in this book and excited by it the whole time.

by Alysia Minott


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