Published: 01/01/2013
ISBN: 9781780881157
eISBN: 9781848768420
Format: Paperback/eBook

“Annabel’s thought-provoking tips have changed how I approach life on a daily basis. Her advice is wholly practical, warm and inspiring. Highly recommended!”
Genevieve Collett, Executive Assistant, Burberry more

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About the Author

Annabel is a Professional Certified Life Coach and writer. She has a global following for her bite-sized, practical Life Coaching Tips which dispense wisdom, inspiration and pragmatism in equal measur... read more

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52 Ways to Transform Your Life
Weekly Wisdom for Busy People
by Annabel Sutton

52 Ways to Transform Your Life dispenses bite-sized nuggets of wisdom, inspiration and practical help for busy people on the go. This makes it the perfect choice for those who love personal development but don’t have time to read lengthy self-help books.

Week by week, from January to December, life coach Annabel Sutton offers practical ideas to open up new possibilities and help readers make positive changes in their lives. Her book contains 52 short life coaching tips that are quick to read and easy to put into practice.

Find out how to:
➢ Make great decisions
➢ Figure out what you really want
➢ Overcome procrastination and perfectionism
➢ Do yourself differently
➢ Feel more positive and confident

The book is inspired by a number of authors including Susan Jeffers, Julia Cameron, Fiona Harrold and Mark Forster.

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Annabel's thought provoking tips have changed how I approach life on a daily basis. Her advice is wholly practical, warm and inspiring. I carry her book with me in my handbag and delve into it for a much needed boost when I'm feeling low or in need of reassurance. Highly recommended!
Genevieve Collett, Executive Assistant, Burberry HQ

Warning: Annabel's book might seriously change your life... for the better. I never fail to find her tips thought-provoking, inspirational but above all, easy to apply to everyday life.
Pauline Holt, Freelance Journalist

As a Coach and writer myself I find Annabel’s tips refreshing, practical and easy to apply. I would highly recommend her latest book and can't wait to dip in myself.
Jackee Holder, Coach, Trainer, Writer & Speaker

What I love about Annabel’s tips is that they are always written in a very down to earth way. Because they are short and succinct, I am never too busy to read them. They are relevant, practical and usually very poignant. I often find myself nodding along as I read about her experiences and her tips on how to change things, small or large. Keep them coming!
Marcelle Samuels

I have a shelf full of personal development books that rarely get opened. Annabel's tips are quick to digest, relevant and backed up with real life experience. Most of all they act as a trigger for me to slow down, take stock and begin to address something I’ve been putting off!
Marie Clement, Elite Edge Marketing Consultants Ltd

You know how good it feels to have a warmly supportive hand on your shoulder, guiding you along? Annabel's tips are just like that. Whenever you are hesitating and need a gentle nudge, read one of these tips and you will find you can float more easily through your difficulties and move more confidently forward in your life.
Mary Potter

Always bright, supportive, wise and encouraging. Annabel's Coaching Tips are spot on for helping me make real improvements!
Roseanne Edwards, Journalist

I have enjoyed your coaching tips over the years and have thoroughly appreciated the common sense they often convey.
Ian Rankin, Managing Director, Dot Medical Ltd

Annabel’s tips help me get back up when I’m down; they help me to re-focus and have been an inspiration for some of my training courses.
Nicola Elliott, Global IT Training & Competency Manager

I always seem to come across one of Annabel’s tips at just the right time. Fantastic for motivation and inspiration.
Dr Karen Janes, Reiki Master/Teacher, Practitioner of The Honey Method

Annabel’s tips help to put things back in perspective; they are easy-to-follow and incredibly smart suggestions to help boost self-esteem, productivity, and help you achieve your goals.
Dr Sarah McCormack, Veterinary Surgeon

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