Published: 01/01/2012
eISBN: 9781780889955
Format: eBook

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Jesus 888
The myth behind the man
by Geoff Roberts

Jesus 888 proves the point that faith and scholarship do not make good bedfellows. It is a controversial analysis of the history of early Christianity and as such, demonstrates the huge amount of information, often totally unknown by most people, which gives a completely different slant on the Bible story as most of us know it. The significance of the historical but largely unknown Gnostic Gospels and the reasons behind St. Paul’s lack of knowledge of an earthly Jesus figure, make very uncomfortable reading for defenders of the traditional story behind Jesus the man.

To say the content of the book is controversial would be an understatement. When we read about the early Christians who denied the Virgin Birth and the bodily resurrection of Christ and even denied the very existence of Jesus as flesh and blood, then you can imagine how the whole foundation of Christianity will be rocked as more people become aware of it. The subjects covered in this book are from real history; they are not inventions of fantasy. The conclusions are drawn from the textual evidence discussed and information taken from outside the pages of the New Testament.

The Jesus of first century Palestine who was perceived by St. Paul in a vision on the road to Damascus was a very different Jesus to the wonder worker created by the writers of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. This book shows conclusively, that without a profound knowledge of ancient Egypt, Greece and Persia and the history of the mystical Jewish sect of the Essenes, it is impossible to understand the true origins of the mysteries surrounding the fledgling faith.

Jesus 888 by Geoff Roberts will dispel the myths of Christianity and will appeal to fans of religious history and readers who enjoyed the uncovering of some long-held myths in The Da Vinci Code.

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